How to be the Best in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends: The Crown Prince of Battle Royale

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. Set in the same universe as Titanfall, the game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 4, 2019.

Apex Legends is the new big bad boy in town, with almost every twitch streamer playing this Battle Royale game. Apex Legends is different, and by means of its huge success shows that its uniqueness makes it a game which deserves its downright fame and glory. It’s fresh, it’s cool and it’s superbly fun. Just by mixing the ability to re-spawn fallen players in your squad, selecting characters with specific abilities and strategic components coupled with a pinging system that is absolutely revolutionary (the system makes it so that you don’t have to be talking in-game to work as an effective squad) and you get a game which has blown all other games in its genre out of the pond, lake, river and ocean simultaneously when it launched. You can also play this game for free; be it on PC, PS4 and XBO. Check out the cinematic trailer below:

Micro-transactions are apparent within the game if you haven’t already figured that out. The game comes with six of its eight characters unlocked. Getting the other two, namely: the Toxic Trapper Caustic and the Holographic Trickster Mirage requires you to spend around $15 for the pair. Apart from unlocking the remaining two characters, the rest of the game’s microtransactions revolve around loot boxes called Apex packs, which contains items or Crafting Metals (which are used to unlock more items). These include: weapon skins, character skins, banners, poses, quips and finishers. Although these are really and truly cosmetic. Within Apex Legends you’re capped at 45 loot boxes for leveling all the way to level 100, so at one point or another if you want these things you got to give them your credit card details boys and girls. I know, it sucks.

Nevertheless, you don’t need any of this fancy, shmancy bulls**t to be amazing at this game. Here at Monsoon we want you to achieve your dreams and be the most complete fighter in the world, like Yuri Boyka, or John Wick when they killed his dog. That is why we’ve compiled a bunch of tips below to help you better understand the game, some of these will help you and your team mates survive longer and be the last players standing.

Word of caution, these are just a bunch of tips that helped us in our gameplay, if these don’t work for you that’s fine. It just means you suck, or you’re playing against some eSports League players that are way above your skill-set. Yeah, let’s proceed.

Make a habit of listening in on your Squad’s Chatter

You’re no god, you work as a team. The lines your team-mates’ characters say is not just useless filler. Surprisingly these characters give off useful information; like notifying you when your squad is drifting apart or is too far from the ring. Most importantly, always listen in to Wraith if she’s on your team as she can inform players if there are enemies hidden behind a closed door or if another team has seen you. If you’re playing as Wraith, listen in when she’s mumbling as she will be picking up info on your surroundings, and hit the trigger button when it happens to share it with your team if they’re in your vicinity. I would recommend using Wraith in the game.

Utilize the Tutorials

You’re not a bada$$. Utilise the tutorials, it gives you a safe place to test your weapons and manoeuvres, and you’re free to replay tutorials whenever you like. You’ll still need to work through Bloodhound’s prompts about movement, firing and pinging at the start, but once you’ve passed that stage you’re free to mess around with whatever you’d like. You’ll find all the guns there, including legendary tier weapons like the Mastiff Shotgun. It’s a super place to get an idea of how bullets drop over long distances when fired from specific weapons. Unfortunately you can’t use any attachments to practice with but you get the gist of what is to come.

Look out for Hidden Apex Pack Robots

Around buildings in the map you’ll likely find robots that seem to look like Apex packs; these are loot boxes you can open between matches. You’d probably hear some strange chirping sound, follow that sound and it will lead you to these robots. Track ‘em down and melee them to stay quiet and not waste ammo to get the loot. These robots contain high-tier loot; either purple or yellow, depending on their color.Look for them in corners and out-of-sight places that you’d think the game would put them to keep them hidden away. Think as a robot, be one with the game.

Legendary Yellow Loot has Special Perks

If the loot is yellow, instead of white, blue or purple, then it is the best you can find in Apex Legends. This loot isn’t just better with regard to stats, it’s all about the special abilities attached to it. For example, a yellow body shield will come with the Executioner perk which fully recharges it if you manage to kill an enemy using an Execution move. My personal favorite, the yellow down shield will include a perk that lets you revive yourself ONCE without the help of a teammate. Check out your yellow defensive gear for its extra perks. Don’t forget these perks when you’re out blazing the land.

Executions make you Exposed

We all want that photo finish, especially when you’ve been tracking a guy and you want to finish him off in style. Unlike the faster, more efficient way to kill a downed enemy like shooting or meleeing them, the game lets you walk up to the downed enemy and do a cool looking execution move. While awesome to look at, every time you do one you’re exposed/vulnerable to other enemies around you. When hitting the prompted button, the execution is enabled and you’re put in a lengthy animation that can’t be cancelled where you will not be able to control your character. So if Johnny’s friends decide to come revive their friend and you’re in the middle of an execution they will save their friend and have an easy kill. Efficiency before style my friend.

Lifeline and Ultimate Accelerators

Ultimate Accelerators are super handy, especially for Lifeline. Her ultimate ability, which calls in an orbital care package with three pieces of useful loot is one of the only ones in the game where you don’t need to wait for a combat situation to use it. Characters like Gibralter and Bloodhound will mostly hold their Ultimates until they get into fights, while Lifeline can do it whenever she wants – even during downtime between battles. Sometimes it is better to give Accelerators to Lifeline for the benefit of the team.

Pings are Super Useful

Some players barely use this revolutionary ping system Apex Legends installed into their game. Apart from just marking enemy locations or showing teammates weapons it can do a lot more. Probably you didn’t know, but if you hold the ping button down, you can call up a wheel of pings, including telling teammates where you plan to attack or what you see in the distance. If you open your inventory menu you can ping the slots for armour you’re missing to get help from your teammates; this also includes pinging for help with needing ammo or to keep your teammates eyes out for some attachments. This ping system helps players work together more than ever before.

Doors will not protect your Enemies

Let’s take a situation where your squad has managed to push an enemy team into a closed room, with the enemy team thinking that closing the door will keep them safe. Never in any movie, or life situation has that every kept people safe. So much so, that in Apex Legends this can be seen as an advantage for the team in pursuit. Hitting the melee button will kick the door open and stun nearby enemies, but an even better scenario would be to blow the door open and jump into the hazy and smoky room blasting away like there’s no tomorrow. Silly enemies, in a game like this you got to keep moving.

Use the Balloons

If you’re ever in a scenario that you’ll need to escape from a situation, or you were busy messaging your imaginary girlfriend while you were deployed and end up somewhere super far from your team mates do not fret, not all hope is lost. Balloons floating around the map can be used by means of zip-lining up them to get enough height to re-activate your jetpack you previously used to glide down to the map in the beginning of the match. You won’t get as far, but it is better than nothing.

All Characters have the same Movement

Just cause your character looks nimble or lighter doesn’t mean they’re faster. While all characters are different, and have certain animations that gives off the impression that they’re more agile doesn’t mean squat. Every character’s running and walking speeds are the same, so is their jump height and their speed of climbing walls. Only if you holster your weapon will you go faster, or have a certain perk like Bangalore will you be a speedier character.

No Fall Damage

You heard me, unless you haven’t tried it yet in Apex Legends there is no fall damage at all. Nothing else to say really, happy jumping!

Sacrifice your Weapon for your Fallen Comrade

When one of your teammates gets revived at the revive station they rejoin the battle without any weapons. This can be very problematic for your team. If within your arsenal you have two weapons, then just sacrificing one of these weapons to the revived teammate to give your team a fighting chance will be very helpful in the battle to come.

Sliding is very Useful

While all character movement is the same in Apex Legends, as stated previously, there are ways you can move faster. On any decline, while running and then pressing the button to trigger crouching will put you into a power-slide that gives you more speed AND makes you harder to hit. When going down a big hill, you can catch very good speed. This will help you slide into cover or bump up your base movement speed as you move through the map. It can also help you propel off a ledge and help you ‘glide’. You can also shoot while sliding, making you feel like you’re one heck of a trained soldier.

Major Combat next to the Supply Ship

While crossing the map, before you drop you’ll see a supply ship circling the map. This ship is apparent on your map, it will also show where it will land – the ship is a white icon, while where it lands will be marked in blue. This ship carries an arsenal of good loot, so it’s mostly where all the players try land to get all the high-level equipment. Best to grab what you can and scurry away since most of the players will likely be doing the same.

Feel free to comment below on any other tips and tricks we’ve missed out in the comments section below. Don’t forget, legends don’t choke under pressure! If you want to check out a couple of other games which are coming out in 2019, check them out here.

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