How to be the Best in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends: The Crown Prince of Battle Royale

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. Set in the same universe as Titanfall, the game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 4, 2019.

Apex Legends is the new big bad boy in town, with almost every twitch streamer playing this Battle Royale game. Apex Legends is different, and by means of its huge success shows that its uniqueness makes it a game which deserves its downright fame and glory. It’s fresh, it’s cool and it’s superbly fun. Just by mixing the ability to re-spawn fallen players in your squad, selecting characters with specific abilities and strategic components coupled with a pinging system that is absolutely revolutionary (the system makes it so that you don’t have to be talking in-game to work as an effective squad) and you get a game which has blown all other games in its genre out of the pond, lake, river and ocean simultaneously when it launched. You can also play this game for free; be it on PC, PS4 and XBO. Check out the cinematic trailer below:

Micro-transactions are apparent within the game if you haven’t already figured that out. The game comes with six of its eight characters unlocked. Getting the other two, namely: the Toxic Trapper Caustic and the Holographic Trickster Mirage requires you to spend around $15 for the pair. Apart from unlocking the remaining two characters, the rest of the game’s microtransactions revolve around loot boxes called Apex packs, which contains items or Crafting Metals (which are used to unlock more items). These include: weapon skins, character skins, banners, poses, quips and finishers. Although these are really and truly cosmetic. Within Apex Legends you’re capped at 45 loot boxes for leveling all the way to level 100, so at one point or another if you want these things you got to give them your credit card details boys and girls. I know, it sucks.

Nevertheless, you don’t need any of this fancy, shmancy bulls**t to be amazing at this game. Here at Monsoon we want you to achieve your dreams and be the most complete fighter in the world, like Yuri Boyka, or John Wick when they killed his dog. That is why we’ve compiled a bunch of tips below to help you better understand the game, some of these will help you and your team mates survive longer and be the last players standing.

Word of caution, these are just a bunch of tips that helped us in our gameplay, if these don’t work for you that’s fine. It just means you suck, or you’re playing against some eSports League players that are way above your skill-set. Yeah, let’s proceed.

Make a habit of listening in on your Squad’s Chatter

You’re no god, you work as a team. The lines your team-mates’ characters say is not just useless filler. Surprisingly these characters give off useful information; like notifying you when your squad is drifting apart or is too far from the ring. Most importantly, always listen in to Wraith if she’s on your team as she can inform players if there are enemies hidden behind a closed door or if another team has seen you. If you’re playing as Wraith, listen in when she’s mumbling as she will be picking up info on your surroundings, and hit the trigger button when it happens to share it with your team if they’re in your vicinity. I would recommend using Wraith in the game.

Utilize the Tutorials

You’re not a bada$$. Utilise the tutorials, it gives you a safe place to test your weapons and manoeuvres, and you’re free to replay tutorials whenever you like. You’ll still need to work through Bloodhound’s prompts about movement, firing and pinging at the start, but once you’ve passed that stage you’re free to mess around with whatever you’d like. You’ll find all the guns there, including legendary tier weapons like the Mastiff Shotgun. It’s a super place to get an idea of how bullets drop over long distances when fired from specific weapons. Unfortunately you can’t use any attachments to practice with but you get the gist of what is to come.

Look out for Hidden Apex Pack Robots

Around buildings in the map you’ll likely find robots that seem to look like Apex packs; these are loot boxes you can open between matches. You’d probably hear some strange chirping sound, follow that sound and it will lead you to these robots. Track ‘em down and melee them to stay quiet and not waste ammo to get the loot. These robots contain high-tier loot; either purple or yellow, depending on their color.Look for them in corners and out-of-sight places that you’d think the game would put them to keep them hidden away. Think as a robot, be one with the game.

Legendary Yellow Loot has Special Perks

If the loot is yellow, instead of white, blue or purple, then it is the best you can find in Apex Legends. This loot isn’t just better with regard to stats, it’s all about the special abilities attached to it. For example, a yellow body shield will come with the Executioner perk which fully recharges it if you manage to kill an enemy using an Execution move. My personal favorite, the yellow down shield will include a perk that lets you revive yourself ONCE without the help of a teammate. Check out your yellow defensive gear for its extra perks. Don’t forget these perks when you’re out blazing the land.

Executions make you Exposed

We all want that photo finish, especially when you’ve been tracking a guy and you want to finish him off in style. Unlike the faster, more efficient way to kill a downed enemy like shooting or meleeing them, the game lets you walk up to the downed enemy and do a cool looking execution move. While awesome to look at, every time you do one you’re exposed/vulnerable to other enemies around you. When hitting the prompted button, the execution is enabled and you’re put in a lengthy animation that can’t be cancelled where you will not be able to control your character. So if Johnny’s friends decide to come revive their friend and you’re in the middle of an execution they will save their friend and have an easy kill. Efficiency before style my friend.

Lifeline and Ultimate Accelerators

Ultimate Accelerators are super handy, especially for Lifeline. Her ultimate ability, which calls in an orbital care package with three pieces of useful loot is one of the only ones in the game where you don’t need to wait for a combat situation to use it. Characters like Gibralter and Bloodhound will mostly hold their Ultimates until they get into fights, while Lifeline can do it whenever she wants – even during downtime between battles. Sometimes it is better to give Accelerators to Lifeline for the benefit of the team.

Pings are Super Useful

Some players barely use this revolutionary ping system Apex Legends installed into their game. Apart from just marking enemy locations or showing teammates weapons it can do a lot more. Probably you didn’t know, but if you hold the ping button down, you can call up a wheel of pings, including telling teammates where you plan to attack or what you see in the distance. If you open your inventory menu you can ping the slots for armour you’re missing to get help from your teammates; this also includes pinging for help with needing ammo or to keep your teammates eyes out for some attachments. This ping system helps players work together more than ever before.

Doors will not protect your Enemies

Let’s take a situation where your squad has managed to push an enemy team into a closed room, with the enemy team thinking that closing the door will keep them safe. Never in any movie, or life situation has that every kept people safe. So much so, that in Apex Legends this can be seen as an advantage for the team in pursuit. Hitting the melee button will kick the door open and stun nearby enemies, but an even better scenario would be to blow the door open and jump into the hazy and smoky room blasting away like there’s no tomorrow. Silly enemies, in a game like this you got to keep moving.

Use the Balloons

If you’re ever in a scenario that you’ll need to escape from a situation, or you were busy messaging your imaginary girlfriend while you were deployed and end up somewhere super far from your team mates do not fret, not all hope is lost. Balloons floating around the map can be used by means of zip-lining up them to get enough height to re-activate your jetpack you previously used to glide down to the map in the beginning of the match. You won’t get as far, but it is better than nothing.

All Characters have the same Movement

Just cause your character looks nimble or lighter doesn’t mean they’re faster. While all characters are different, and have certain animations that gives off the impression that they’re more agile doesn’t mean squat. Every character’s running and walking speeds are the same, so is their jump height and their speed of climbing walls. Only if you holster your weapon will you go faster, or have a certain perk like Bangalore will you be a speedier character.

No Fall Damage

You heard me, unless you haven’t tried it yet in Apex Legends there is no fall damage at all. Nothing else to say really, happy jumping!

Sacrifice your Weapon for your Fallen Comrade

When one of your teammates gets revived at the revive station they rejoin the battle without any weapons. This can be very problematic for your team. If within your arsenal you have two weapons, then just sacrificing one of these weapons to the revived teammate to give your team a fighting chance will be very helpful in the battle to come.

Sliding is very Useful

While all character movement is the same in Apex Legends, as stated previously, there are ways you can move faster. On any decline, while running and then pressing the button to trigger crouching will put you into a power-slide that gives you more speed AND makes you harder to hit. When going down a big hill, you can catch very good speed. This will help you slide into cover or bump up your base movement speed as you move through the map. It can also help you propel off a ledge and help you ‘glide’. You can also shoot while sliding, making you feel like you’re one heck of a trained soldier.

Major Combat next to the Supply Ship

While crossing the map, before you drop you’ll see a supply ship circling the map. This ship is apparent on your map, it will also show where it will land – the ship is a white icon, while where it lands will be marked in blue. This ship carries an arsenal of good loot, so it’s mostly where all the players try land to get all the high-level equipment. Best to grab what you can and scurry away since most of the players will likely be doing the same.

Feel free to comment below on any other tips and tricks we’ve missed out in the comments section below. Don’t forget, legends don’t choke under pressure! If you want to check out a couple of other games which are coming out in 2019, check them out here.

What Game should I buy my Boyfriend or Girlfriend for Valentine’s?

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Time to Level Up your Relationship with the Top 12 Games to buy your Valentine

Cupid’s day is right around the corner. While there are those who are going on a vacation somewhere on a beach, sipping on some Mojitos or going out for a fancy dinner at some fine dining establishment this week, there are also those who prefer something a little more relaxing, in their opinion of course. For some of us, it’s really an excuse to lay down on our sofa and enjoy a little bit of couple gaming, or for those who do not have someone in their life just playing on their PC all night is more than satisfactory for the most romantic day of the year.

While not really the norm, for all those boyfriends, girlfriends and spouses who are still thinking on what they should get their gamer partner for Valentine’s Day we’ve got that covered. We’ve listed our 12 perfect games to get your loved one on the most romantic time of the year, be it s/he has an Xbox One, a PS4, a PC or a Nintendo Switch. Our list will consist of a multitude of game types, these titles will include:

  • Games to play as a couple (team or challenge).
  • Games to play alone, in case you’re going abroad or going through a busy time and want your partner to have something to do during that time.
  • Platformers, shooters and even tricky puzzles are all accounted for…

I’d like to wish all the gaming couples out there a jolly good time this week (please use protection, when playing Fallout 76 due to the huge amount of violent outbursts when crashing). And for those who still haven’t found someone, or are just not interested in finding anyone and prefer spending a night curled up in a ball eating a whole tub of ice-cream and playing with your team mates in a MMORPG, you too should have a great time being you!

Co-op Games

These are games that you can play together as a team, focusing to achieve the same goal and utilizing each others’ strengths.

Supersmash Bros. Ultimate

Release Date: December 7, 2018

Console: Nintendo Switch

I love Mario, and if your boyfriend/girlfriend is like me and frequents game stores during Christmas s/he probably noticed that this game was pretty much sold out a couple of weeks ago. Albeit, with good reason. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate perfects the long-beloved Super Smash Bros. formula – combining the fun element of button mashing controller destruction as a little kid and also the single-minded, composed and competitive gamer.

Basically the game focuses on the old fighter we went crazy over in 1999, although this time there’s a total of 76 different fighters you can fight with, most of these being celebrities from other Nintendo games. With a couple of mates telling me that mastering one of these fighters could last you up to a year – I was already trying to figure out the schedule needed to get this done. Sadly impossible on my end. Best to try them all out and then choose your favorites. A game like this is fully customizable to your liking; fighters, game hazards, rule-sets. A game like this will also surely be needed next time you bring your mates over to battle it out, or even when your 5-year old nephew decides to come over for cake or even if you guys have a kid. Don’t let the kid win just cause you’re cute, it’s lame.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Release Date: March 23, 2017

Console: PC, XBO, PS4

If you haven’t heard of the word: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or as many gamers call it: PUBG and your boyfriend/girlfriend is a gamer than I would be questioning a lot of things at the moment if I was you. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a 2017 online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by the PUBG Corporation.

Many people thinking PUBG is an “every man for himself” type-game is right, but also kind of wrong – the game includes a mode made for two. Instead of going solo or as part of a squad, you may try some “duos” matches with your partner. In this game mode, you and your valentine can team up against 50 other two-person teams, scavenging and shooting to become the last pair standing on a constantly shrinking map. Playing as a two-man team can be pretty strategic, the boyfriend can be the “bait” to other players as a player who’s just in the middle of the field searching for supplies to lure the enemies in while the girlfriend is waiting for an enemy to come into her cross-hairs.

Overcooked 1 & 2

Overcooked 1 Release Date: July 27, 2017

Console: PS4, XBO, Nintendo Switch, PC

Overcooked 2 Release Date: October 27, 2018

Console: PS4, XBO, Nintendo Switch, PC

I bet you love those cooking games you play on your phone. What about a heavily bumped up version of that? Instead of going to a fancy-a$$ place to make you a romantic meal for Valetine’s day why not team up as a duo of master chefs out to save the universe from the evil and hangry (hungry and angry) spaghetti and meatball monster. Instead of playing as a duo – you can even play solo or even up to 4 players. You heard me John and Kate, you can finally Double Date the couple you’ve been calling every other week for some cooking fun.

Overcooked and its sequel tasks you, and up to three others with working together to madly run around a kitchen and prepare meals together. It starts out pretty easy, but can become challenging pretty fast. This is where the power of teamwork, and dedication to the game and to each other comes into play. This game will either make the relationship stronger or let it get burnt.

Competitive Games:

Competitive games would be best to play with those couples that just want to find some way to blow off steam and beat each other (rather than physically – in a virtual world where nothing genuinely bad can happen to you apart from lose your dignity, but that’s fine).

Apex Legends

Release Date: February 4, 2019

Console: PS4, XBO, PC

It’s only been a week since Apex Legends was released, and in that week has swiftly become a worldwide phenomenon. Already being labelled: The Fortnite Killer with over 30 million new players, Apex Legends is superbly fun. If you want to throw a ‘battle royale’ style shooter to your boyfriend/girlfriend to keep them busy or compete against each other, then this new game would be a good start. You and your partner can join an online queue together, and then you’ll be matched with another online player to fill out your squad of three. I’m sure the boyfriend has always asked the girlfriend for a three-way at one point in each relationship, pretty certain that this would not be the way he’d have wanted it to be… but beggars can’t be choosers mate.

Once you’re in, you’re in and you’ll definitely be watching each other’s backs as you flank and outfox the other 19 three-ways and try become the last squad standing. Unlike Fortnite, this game is solely a first-person shooter so it might be a little different to what gamers are used to, but it is one helluva ride! Totally recommend this, and did I mention it’s free?

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Release Date: April 28, 2017

Console: Nintendo Switch

The blessed Mario Kart series. At least once in a gamer’s life they’ve played this game – either at home by their lonesome, at a party with friends or at an arcade against a weird snotty kid who always managed to ruin their life with that darn blue shell. Of course this game isn’t that different, well except for a top of the range fine-tuning and a polished UI. Due to these upgrades, I feel as if this Mario Kart is easily one of the most fun and exciting games you and your valentine can play on Switch or any other console for that manner.

Another good thing is that if you opt for the Deluxe version on Switch it also includes; all the DLC maps, a bunch of characters you’d find from the Wii U game and a complete overhaul of the legendary battle mode. Mario Kart 8 is top of the range my friends. If you and your partner like going fast and laughing at an angry Luigi this is totally the game for you.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Release Date: January 26, 2018

Console: PS4, XBO, PC, Nintendo Switch

I’m sure all the boys and gals have heard of Dragon Ball! Dragon Ball FighterZ was voted ESPN’s game of the year. FighterZ is complex, yet simple. It is to be enjoyed by fighting game competitors all across the world and there’s no question that any fan of the series will go absolutely nuts on this game. Where past games attempted to get through the huge character roster and keep everything leveled to focus on the larger fan base, FighterZ gets the essence of what its predecessors wanted in each of their games and created a fighting game that gives the player the power of a Super Saiyan. It’s good if one partner really loves Goku, and the other loves Vegeta and you guys want to go toe-to-toe against each other in a gorgeous 2D battle.

Games s/he’d last ages playing:

If your valentine doesn’t really like social play or just plain old fighting games and prefers something with a little more story, a bit of a solo game that really puts the player in another person’s/creature’s shoes than these games below are the best bet. I’d also like to add that the games below are also pretty good if you want to go out, have some fun and feel a little free for a few weeks or so due to some of these game’s lengths for the buyer’s respective Valentine.

Resident Evil 2 Remastered

Release Date: January 25, 2019

Console: PS4, XBO, PC

If you haven’t heard of the game, which would be a travesty, then you’ve heard about the movie. Resident Evil 2 is a survival horror game developed and published by Capcom which as of recently came out remastered/remade/whatever. While not the longest of games, this survival horror game is a masterpiece. All in all, once this game came out everyone went nuts, and for a good reason. Everything in the game is now more deadly and faster than the original. Capcom genuinely showed off how to make a remake the right way. If your valentine loves horror/survival games, then there’s no way they don’t love Resident Evil. Plus you get to see them squirm, which is always a plus. Check out the full review here.

Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild

Release Date: February 3, 2017

Console: Nintendo Switch, Wii U

I had only played one other Zelda game apart from this one, and might I say this was monumentally better than its predecessor. A game which has no limits, super creative, full of surprises and an action-adventure game that will excel in the test of the time. Many believe this game to be the best ever made, and actually managed to outsell the Nintendo Switch itself on launch. It’s a pure open-world, it incorporates complete freedom and an incredible achievement in the gaming world. No Nintendo Switch gamer is complete until he plays this game. And the great part is it’s a pretty long game, so I would genuinely buy it for him/her to keep him/her busy.

If your Valentine just has a Nintendo Switch and you really want to get him a bunch of good games on the hand-held console then check our favorite games of Switch. 

Kingdom Hearts 3

Release Date: January 25

Consoles: PS4, XBO

If your partner loves Disney/Pixar then they will love Kingdom Hearts 3. You play alongside trusty Donald, Goofy and King Mickey and travel to multiple Disney worlds like the Toybox (Toy Story), Arandelle (Frozen) and San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6) to help Disney characters out and defeat the evil heartless creatures that plague these enchanted lands. I personally loved my return to the Kingdom Hearts Universe after a 13 years wait, and it was undoubtedly very fun and exciting for me. I enjoyed seeing a bunch of new Disney and Pixar characters that were integrated into the story. Even though this game is a solo game, I’m sure playing KH3 can be a couple’s activity due to the amount of nostalgia and joy Disney can bring. Please also note, that this might sound like a kid’s game (which it can be at points) but can get pretty deep and complex with regard to storytelling. Find the full review here. 

Added Bonus: Red Dead Redemption 2

Release Date: October 26, 2018

Consoles: PS4, XBO

As gamers, I’m pretty sure you have all heard about this game and how it took the world by storm in the last quarter of 2018. Who else to take the #1 spot of the best game of 2018 but Red Dead Redemption 2. For those who don’t know, RDR2 is an open world action-adventure game developed by none other than Rockstar Games, the game was produced as a prequel to Red Dead Redemption 1 in 2010. While this game is unlike many other games in the wider genre, which explores fast-paced action and immediate control and gratification like AC: Odyssey, which in my opinion is still one of the best games in 2018, RDR2 will surely be one of the most memorable.

Red Dead Redemption 2, in my opinion, will act as a benchmark for most games in the future. In a weird way, the game can be described as a western world simulator. A game which sometimes can be slow, and boring when traversing between missions, but if you’re up for exploring off the beaten track and finding new animals, landmarks or trying to find a good spot for an in-game selfie then you’ll absolutely fall in love with this well-deserved hyped up game. If you want your girlfriend/boyfriend to spend the better half of a month playing a game non-stop, then this is the game for him/her. Find the full review here.

If you’re still unsure and want to see what newer games are coming out this year, check out Monsoon Gaming’s best upcoming games of 2019. 

How to get the Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts 3

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Kingdom Hearts 3: Ultima Weapon Synthesis Guide

As seen in previous Kingdom Hearts games there’s always been the inclusion of the Ultimate Keyblade (Ultima Weapon). Not always the best in all the games, for example as seen in Birth By Sleep. Getting the Royal Radiance in my opinion was a better Keyblade overall. In Kingdom Hearts 3, the Ultima Weapon has the best overall stats, not including the Classic Tone which you get if you collect all the Classic Kingdom games across all the worlds. Even though the Classic Tone would be preferable if you’re a magic wielder.

Like its predecessors, acquiring the Ultima Weapon in KH3 requires you to obtain a multitude of rare materials; rarest of all is Orichalcum+. It takes 7 of this material to make the Keyblade, and miraculously there is only 7 of these materials in the game, and each of them have their own little challenge to acquire.  Nevertheless, here at Monsoon Gaming we got your back brothers and sisters. Word of caution – you can only get this Keyblade just before the end-game.

If you want to check out more about this game, check out our review here including the best companion and a few other tips and tricks.

Ultima Weapon Recipe

So, to get the most sought after Keyblade in the game you’ll need to make it available for Synthesis first. For the Ultima Keyblade to be available for Synthesis you’ll first need to obtain 58 different Synthesis Materials. You can get these when defeating end-world bosses, treasure chests and enemy drops.

When you’ve obtained the 58 different Synthesis Materials you’ll receive the recipe, and first thing you’ll probably notice is you’re a little short on resources. Most probably you’ll be short on Orichalcum+ specifically. The recipe is as follows:

  • Orichalcum+ x 7
  • Wellspring Crystal x 2
  • Lucid Crystal x 2
  • Pulsing Crystal x 2

Before we get into the Orichalcum+ locations and how to get ‘em in your overly large pants pocket, you need to make sure you got all the other ingredients to synthesize this weapon.

Lucid Crystals and Pulsing Crystals

Lucid Crystals and Pulsing Crystals can be crafted via the Synthesis menu from the Moogles. These materials are unlocked once you’ve collected 30 and 32 Synthesis Materials respectively.

Wellspring Crystals

Wellspring Crystals are a little tougher to acquire. While playing the game and gathering ingredients in the meanwhile I had already accumulated a couple of them so I didn’t really bother in finding more. A way which I read is great to gather this ingredient is to get them as enemies drops specifically from heartless you’ve defeated in San Fransokyo. Even more specifically, heartless you destroy from Battlegate 12. If you haven’t unlocked Battlegates yet it means you’re not ready for the Ultima Weapon and sadly you got to progress through the story a little more. Another tip is to make sure you equip the Favorite Deputy Keyblade, as this Keyblade’s passive effect increases the chance of how often enemies will drop items.

Orichalcum+ Locations and Challenges:

As I said previously, Orichalcum+ is rare, damn rare. There are seven of these items in the entire game, the exact amount you need to craft the Ultima Weapon. Here are some tips and locations on where to find them:

#1: Moogle Raffle Ticket

Yes my dear gamers, you can get one of these materials from the Moogles themselves. Getting this specific Orichalcum+ is totally up to chance. Once you get your hands on a Moogle Raffle Ticket, typically rewarded to you once you purchase an item from the store, you go to the mailbox in Twilight Town and mail it to get a prize. Now, you might not get this Orichalcum+ on your first try. What I did was buy 5 potions and 5 tents, got around 8 postcards (raffle tickets) in total, went to save and started the process of mailing these post-cards and trying my luck. If you don’t get it on your first try, reload from that save point and try again. Once you do get it though, there is only one available to win from the Moogle Raffle Ticket. You heard me you lazy gamers, don’t think that this is some sort of cheat. Funnily enough, I was one of those lazy gamers, and spent like 5000 munny buying stuff, receiving raffle tickets and trying to get extra Orichalcum+. I didn’t feel like loading the game all the time. Don’t judge me.

#2: Treasure Chest in the Caribbean

The Caribbean world was one of my favorite worlds in the game. So many islands and secrets across the several islands you can explore. An Orichalcum+ can be found in a treasure chest on Exile Island, southwest from the center of the map. It will be hidden in a small grove – probably the easiest one to get from them all.

#3: Collectible treasures in the Arendelle Sled Mini-Game

This is an icy sled mini-game. After you’ve finished the story section of Arandelle you’ll find Elsa next to the save-point by her frozen castle. Go to her and accept this challenge she refers to and you’ll swiftly find yourself racing against time on this fun sledding mini-game. As you go through the track you’ll likely spot a couple of numerically marked treasures. For you to receive the Orichalcum+ you’re going to have to collect 10 of these treasures. They’re located all over the track so it will be take you a couple of runs to find them all. Excuse me, let me phrase that, it will probably take you around 35-40 tries to find them all. There are so many paths within this track that you easily get confused of where you’re going/where you’ve already been. For some guidance I strongly suggest checking out the video above.

IMPORTANT: You don’t have to get all of them at once, they accumulate every round.

#4: Treasure Chest in the Keyblade Graveyard

This is basically why you can’t get the Ultima Weapon early on. This treasure chest featuring the Orichalcum+ is located at the End of the World section of the Keyblade Graveyard. This can only be accessed right before finishing the game. Simply approach the red transport orb in the open field north of the first KeyBlade Graveyard save-point. Interact with the orb and it will take you to the first part of the End of the World section where you first speak to Chirithy. Instead of a cute soft toy spirit-type creature you find the chest containing the Orichalcum+.

#5: Capture All the Lucky Emblems

You heard me. You’ve got to collect ‘em all mate. You discover at the very start when you arrive in Twilight Town that there’s a special collectable called; Lucky Emblems. These are basically Mickey Mouse symbols Square Enix has distributed across the different worlds in the game. To collect these Lucky Emblems you’ll have to capture a photo of them through your Gummi phone. On standard difficulty, photographing a majority of them will unlock the game’s secret ending. Specifically 60 of them. If you’re in Beginner Difficulty you’ll have to take a photo of all 90, and if you’re on Proud mode you’ll only need to capture 30 of them to watch the secret ending. I strongly recommend grinding your way through the game and finding them all by yourself. But, you can also just check out the video above for a faster approach.

#6: Defeat the big bad Omega Machina Boss in the Eclipse Galaxy

Once the Eclipse Galaxy opens up, this happens when you’ve completed the story missions of all the Disney Worlds, you’ll end up visiting the Keyblade Graveyard by means of your Gummi ship. Before reaching this world you will be introduced to a heavy hitting boss named: The Colossus Pyramid. You’ll hopefully make mince-meat out of this bucket of bolts and get to the Graveyard. Nevertheless what you’ll have to do though is once you’ve defeated the Colossus Pyramid the game will automatically unlock an additional 4 bosses in the Eclipse Galaxy you’ll have to face and defeat. Once you’ve destroyed them, the final boss appears on top of the massive metal ship. The final boss is nicknamed Omega Machina.

Defeating the additional 4 bosses, and the last boss is no walk in the park. If you were playing like me and didn’t give a crap about your Gummi Ship this is where you’ll need to change your ways. Upgrade your health and attack significantly. Once you’ve defeating the Omega Machina Boss you are rewarded with lots of EXP and an Orichalcum+.

#7: Flantastic Mini-Game High Scores

Flans. You heard me, flans – weird, big Heartless flans. You’ve probably noticed on your adventures that once you’ve cleared an area within a world you find these odd-looking desserts protruding from the ground. Collectively, these strange Heartless are the Flantastic Seven. These Heartless allow Sora to play their mini-games across each of the Disney Worlds. If you’re dedicated and reach the high-score for each mini-game you’re rewarded with an Orichalcum+. In total, achieving the high-score for each of the flans surely took me around 3 hours to get, so yeah be ready to spend some time doing this. Nevertheless, they’re fun – slightly daunting at times, but fun. Here’s a bit of info about each flan; where they are, their respective high scores and the rewards.

It is imperative that you receive 3 fruits as a reward from each of the flans once you’ve completed their mini-game to be in the running to get the Orichalcum+. 

Cherry Flan Location

World: Olympus

High Score: 20,000

Rewards: Sour Cherry x3 + Form-change Extender

You’ll find this flan at the Thebes: Overlook save-point, run up the stairs right behind you and you’ll find it in front of you. This mini-game was pretty easy, my way of getting this done swiftly was to always lay the Trinity sled on the arrows across the floor.

Orange Flan Location

World: Kingdom of Corona

High Score: 23,000

Rewards: Treasure Magnet and Orange x 3

You’ll find this flan once you get to the Tower save-point, go through the tunnel to get out of the Tower area and you’ll find it among the grass. In this mini-game you’ll have to capture 7 picture-perfect photos of the flans across the area. First and foremost, you should skip everyone and go straight to the tree in front of you where you’ll find 2 flans on a tree. Once they jump they’ll merge and become one nice tasty ‘actual’ flan. You’ll have to capture this fast and get it as an ‘Excellent’ photograph as once they merge you’ll only have around 5 seconds to capture the photo. This was a pretty fun mini-game.

Strawberry Flan Location

World: Toy Box

High Score: 17,000

Rewards: Attraction Extender and Strawberry x 3

This flan is by the vending machines next to the Galaxy Toys: Rest Area save-point. This mini-game can get pretty frustrating, but if you manage to understand how the heartless on bowling balls move you’ll be fine. Be sure to stay in the center if you’re stacking heartless, since when you’re on the sides you’ll have a roof on your head and stacking the heartless on top of you will be useless.

Banana Flan Location

World: Monstropolis

High Score: 20,000

Rewards: Grand Magic Extender and Banana x 3

With this flan you’ll need to start off at The Factory: Basement save-point. If you look to your right you’ll see a white door to get you to The Door Vault area. After following the corridor, you will reach a wall of doors. You’ll want to interact with the brown door on the bottom row, second in from the left. Once you’ve gone through the brown door, you’ll have to turn around and you’ll see the Banana flan in front of you. A tip for this mini-game, utilise the Ever After or Classic Tone Keyblade, keep a bunch of ethers on Sora and keep Thundaga-ing the smaller flans fast! Keep your distance from the Big flan as it will gobble you up mate.

Grape Flan Location

World: Arendelle

High Score: 20,000

Rewards: Unison Blizzard and Grape x 3

You’ll find this flan by The North Mountain: Mountain Ridge save-point. Leap off the mountain between where you start and the Moogle shop and you’ll find the flan right underneath you. Nothing really hard about this mini-game, blow these guys to Kingdom Hearts as fast as possible. Use Thundaga a lot, form changing with the Ever After Keyblade worked well for me.

Watermelon Flan Location

World: The Caribbean

High Score: 29,000

Rewards: Focus Syphon and Watermelon x 3

You will find this flan nearest to the Port Royal: Fort save-point. Pretty straight forward – it is in the center of the courtyard in the middle of the fort. This is the ‘Attack of the Flans’ – the coolest flan mini-game. You’ve got to protect the fort by shooting down the flans using the cannons given to you.

Honeydew Flan Location

World: San Fransokyo

High Score: 15,000

Rewards: Attraction Extender and Melon x 3

You’ll find this flan once you reach The City South District: Night save-point. Get on top of the building behind you, look to your left and you’ll have to reach a building with a circular roof. On top you’ll find the flan. This mini-game is the one I found to be the hardest, as you will be bouncing from flan to flan on rooftops. What’s difficult is that after the 9000 mark you will start triggering free-dive which will making aiming Sora to bounce on the corresponding flan a nightmare.

And there you have it. All the materials needed to get the Ultima Weapon – easily the best Keyblade in the game with a form change that is both astounding and absolutely nuts! You are a complete Keyblade Master! 

Metro Exodus: Tons of Communists, Nazis, Cults & Mutants

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Post-apocalyptic Russia in 2036/Mad Maxim: Cyka Railroad

From what is seen, and what I’ve experienced till now, Metro Exodus is graphically a masterpiece. The sound and VFX are beautiful, while also echoing a lonely voice from a broken world. Just by watching the trailer it immerses you in a melancholic and crumbled land, in a good way of course, unlike Fallout 76.

The game’s premise focuses on Earth, in total ruin, with your mission as Artyom to find what safety there is among the drastic nuclear devastation. You start off aboard a goliath train, which is known as The Aurora. The protagonist of this story embarks on a trip across Russia in search of a place to call home.

This game spans across all four seasons, and is by far the most ambitious project 4A Games has produced, and with what is being shown at the moment to the populous it looks it for sure! Unlike the series’ predecessors, which was known for its scripted pieces, linear story, and limited exploration, Metro Exodus’s base formula of it all is more of an open-world design. I mean, it’s good for y’all trying to get into the action of most of these open-world games nowadays, but will it be any different? And also, will it keep the current Metro fans happy? Luckily enough, it retains most of everything loyal fans of the series love while changing a few things for, let’s hope, the better. Here at Monsoon we believe in this game, so much so, we included it in the best upcoming games of 2019.


What is the Metro Series?

4A Games debuted a new trailer for Metro Exodus at E3 2018, sadly though, many gamers weren’t familiar with the series. Now that’s a bummer, especially since previous titles like; Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light were killer games. Nevertheless, if you genuinely don’t have the time to buy these games and give them a whirl, here at Monsoon we’ve prepared a refresher for you to catch up on the story till now.

Metro 2033

Metro games take place in post-apocalyptic Russia. Humanity has gone underground since there was a nuclear war that turned the surface world in a barren and poisonous environment overrun with creatures of all sorts. The world had become so f**ked up that bullets ended up becoming a form of money.

The player takes on the role of the protagonist in the story; Artyom, a young man born from the Russian Metro itself. While there, some mysterious gangs known as; The Dark Ones attack his home; Exhibition. Due to this circumstance, Artyom leaves to enlist help from the other survivors. He is joined by Khan, a talented warrior/soldier who knows a real lot about the strange stuff happening in the Metro. Apart from this mysterious gang, and the mutants that dwell in these lands there are also the communists of the Red Line and the Neo Nazis of the Fourth Reich. These two have been at war for years, and Artyom ends up getting caught in the crossfire.

After some time, Artyom finally finds the Dark Ones, and as people with revenge on their mind do, blows them up into oblivion. Sadly, this was a stupid and reckless move because you then find out the Dark Ones were actually just humans who mutated from the nukes and were acting in self-defense the whole time. Artyom is an a**hole. But, who knows what’s going through people’s minds in that s**it-hole. Anyway, to the next game!

Metro Last Light

In Metro Last Light Artyom gets a shot at redeeming himself. A year after the sadness and the mistake of Metro 2033, Artyom now ends up being a member of the Rangers. The Rangers are a group of highly skilled and talented soldiers who roam the most dangerous parts of the wasteland on the surface, and the underground for that matter. You eventually meet your friend Khan who tells Artyom that there is another Dark One, a child who is being held captive by the Red Line.

Story goes that Artyom goes the Red Line, saves the kid from General Korbut (Red Line’s Big Boss-man) and ends up finding a group of Dark Ones hibernating in a secret metro. He then calls this child; “the last light of hope.” Lol. That’s where the title of the game comes from, get it?

And with that you’re pretty much caught up. Metro Exodus is shaking things up on the surface now, and hopefully we get to see a bit of Khan on the way!


When is Metro Exodus coming out?

Metro Exodus was announced on 11 June 2017 at Microsoft’s press conference during E3 2017. The game is scheduled to be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on 15 February 2019. Sadly for you PC gamers, up until today, the game will not be available on Steam but on Epic Store. Why not Steam though? Why?!

What is the Story and the World like?

Metro Exodus takes place in 2036, two years after the events of Metro: Last Light, specifically after the game’s ‘enlightened’ ending. Players will once again step into the shoes of Artyom, a Ranger living in the ruins of Moscow’s underground Metro system after a devastating nuclear war. His goal is to leave Moscow and find a better life to the east.

I recently got some time to check out the game at a preview event and boy oh boy, what a pretty game this is going to be. At the preview, the player was given the chance to explore the world within three seasons: Summer, Winter & Autumn. Each of these seasons ended up being very diverse with regard to their landscapes and game mechanics. It feels even better when coupled with the outstanding narrative while travelling across the country from season to season.

Since it was pretty much free reign, why not spend a couple of hours playing during the best season of all: Summer – obviously since it’s a Metro game, I meant a nuclear Summer. Sadly though, instead of drinking Mojitos, chillin’ on the beach and catching those rays while checking out the fruitful surroundings you find something entirely different.

The Summer season begins with your mode of transportation stopping suddenly with endless screeching in the middle of the desert. Afar you see a big-a** vehicle with a ton of bandits in it coming your way. To make matters worse, due to the climate it makes it difficult for you to progress. All the while, trying to keep the seriously dwindling survivors hydrated. Yeah, no Mojitos to enjoy in Metro darling.

Just as an example; following a brief (usual) intro, you’re given your equipment and the player is set free upon the land of ‘opportunity’. Well, Exodus isn’t really that much of a land of opportunity, and neither is it that much of an adventure really. It instead gives players ‘quartets’ or environments to explore with objectives and missions contained within these quartets stated. Don’t think these are some puny places, they’re massive and really encourage you not to take the beaten path (that sounds funny) so you can find supplies to keep alive!

The map takes you to an outpost along the shimmering desert horizon (probably full of bad guys waiting to find a lovely human to set ablaze). The player takes the stealthy approach and takes down a couple of guards but the rest of the Metro world doesn’t really care about the plans you set. Out of nowhere you hear a flood of screams followed by tens of mutants swarming the place and killing everything in sight. To be honest, it saved the player some time on the stealth approach but then he was left with a bunch of radioactive creatures screaming and running to brutally kill you.

You probably think this game is some sort of first-person shooter, but if you think your firearms will lead to you glory you got another thing coming. In Metro Exodus relying on just your weapons will easily be detrimental for you and your hopes and dreams. This is a game of patience. It is best you play as a stealthy assassin, avoiding the misuse of medkits, bullets and other valuable resources.

It’s a game inspired by Half-Life, a homage that becomes immediately obvious when checking the game out. While objectives are set for you and are marked, and life off the beaten track is hard it is a necessity for you to explore the environment around you.


I don’t know if my crappy PC can take this game, what are the system requirements?

Metro Exodus, as stated before is going to be a top of the range game, and for you to play a top of the range game you kind of need top of the range hardware to process that. You’re probably asking what kind of apocalypse-beating rig do you need, luckily we have the system requirements needed to play this beefy game the proper way. Check them out here:


  • Performance: 1080p/30fps
  • Graphics Settings: Low
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4440
  • Ram: 8 GB
  • GPU: GTX 670, GTX 1050, Radeon HD 7870
  • VRAM: 2GB
  • DirectX: 11/12


  • Performance: 1080p/60fps
  • Graphics Settings: High
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-4770k
  • Ram: 8 GB
  • GPU: GTX 1070, RTX 2060, AMD RX Vega 56
  • VRAM: 8GB
  • DirectX: 12


  • Performance: 1440p/60fps
  • Graphics Settings: Ultra
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-8700k
  • Ram: 16 GB
  • GPU: GTX 1080 Ti, RTX 2070, AMD RX Vega 64
  • VRAM: 8GB
  • DirectX: 12


  • Performance: 4K/60fps
  • Graphics Settings: Extreme
  • CPU: Intel Core i9-9900k
  • Ram: 16 GB
  • GPU: RTX 2080 Ti
  • VRAM: 11GB
  • DirectX: 12


Final Words

4A Games’ ambition shows a lot from the clips we’ve seen up until now, including the gameplay. Utilizing the best game engines and mechanics, the people behind Exodus built something very special, or at least looks very special until now. Exploring broken and destroyed Russia seems absolutely delightful. Trailing around dark and disgusting subways with just brief instances of seeing the light outside gets pretty old quick, as seen in previous games.

In Metro Exodus you’re given autonomy to do as you like, well you’re almost free. You’re still sadly stuck with the impossible task to make the world around you ‘work’. I genuinely can’t wait to try this game out properly and experience what its really like to get down and dirty with a bunch of communists, Nazis, mutants and cults. Come on!


Also, check out the trailer here:

Anthem: Demo, Story & Combat

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Anthem: As a Team you must risk it to take the Biscuit with BioWare and EA’s upcoming Shooter. 

Bioware’s Anthem is similar to a promise of becoming part of the Avengers, where everyone is Iron Man in a shared-world shooter. This game looks to have a nice balance of combat with a pretty compelling story – working and battling as One.

Anthem was first announced at E3 2017 and has really stood out from other games coming out due to its advanced graphics and looks-to-be great combat, we even listed it down as one of the best upcoming games of 2019. With a game that’s coming out in a month’s time many gamers have a lot of questions on what this game is actually about? What are the system requirements for this game on PC? And when can you try out the demo? At Monsoon we got all this covered.

What is Anthem?

Anthem is an online multiplayer RPG shooter similar to games like Destiny 2, Warframe, and Borderlands 2. Something that will make this game stand out, apart from BioWare coming out with some awesome narratives in games for the past couple of year, is that the people behind Anthem really took the cake into creating a whole new way into looking at online shooters. The game will be set in a sci-fi future time period, where players will take on the role of a freelancer with an Iron Man exo-suit called a Javelin. Within the game you can choose to play alone or with 3 teammates satisfying combat objectives, exploring different terrains while customizing your Javelin suits and of course challenging bosses left, right and center.

BioWare General Manager; Casey Hudson posted an aptly titled ‘One Month To Go’ message a few days ago where he highlighted that Anthem will launch with a ton of content and a substantial main story, though it will ultimately evolve in a direction dictated by players’ feedback. Here’s what he had to say:

“Back in 2012 when we first conceived of Anthem (then code-named DYLAN), we wanted to create a whole new fictional universe, full of BioWare quality story and character. We also wanted it to be an experience you could share with friends, and to have a story that doesn’t just come to an end but takes place in a world where things are happening right now.

We knew there would be challenges. People are skeptical of the idea of story in an online game, and for good reason. Often, the nature of online multiplayer games tends to fight story agency and interesting character interactions. And, even in the best online games, it’s easy to lose interest or run out of things to do when your friends aren’t online.

We designed Anthem to address these design challenges by trying something new and different. With Anthem, we aim to integrate the fun of multiplayer missions with your friends, and single-player story agency and characters, into a connected narrative experience – set in a world designed to be always changing, and where anything is possible. The result is an intentionally unique structure which is fundamental to Anthem’s design and even the universe its set in.

Anthem will launch with a ton of content, including a substantial main story that introduces you to the world and its characters. But there’s still a missing ingredient that we haven’t been able to test Anthem with: you. So, over the next month as you start to have opportunities to try what we’ve created, I ask you to keep one thing in mind: the launch of Anthem is not the end – it’s the beginning of an ongoing story in which you are a critical element. If there’s something you want more of, we can build it. If something isn’t right, let us know. And the story itself will unfold over time based on how you play the game. Soon, we will reveal more about our plans for how we intend to support that ongoing stream of content and features.”

Just for all those peeps who prefer just going through a couple of summarized points on what Anthem will be about here you go:

  • Players can play single player or in a team of 4.
  • You are required to have an internet connection to play the game.
  • The story is massive, but you wouldn’t really call it a fully blown BioWare RPG.
  • You can’t romance and get jiggy with NPCs unlike Mass Effect and Dragon Age.
  • Microtransactions will be present, but what these products offer is merely cosmetic.
  • Story missions in the future will be free for all players.
  • PvP elements in Anthem will not be available at launch.
  • Game will have built-in matchmaking for players – no need to worry about finding a squad.

What’s the Story and the World going to be like?

Basically, the Anthem World is set on an Earth-like post-apocalyptic planet which has been shaped by some mysterious ancestral-type people using a magical tool called the Anthem of Creation. Problem is, them a**holes forgot to turn it off so for thousands of years this Anthem thing has been mutating and changing life while humans struggle to survive against these creatures/enemies, like The Dominion. As a Freelancer, your mission is to help the residents of Fort Tarsis live another day while discovering the secrets of the Anthem of Creation along the way.

So let’s compare this to the MCU, fast forward 1000 years after the trauma of Infinity War, an Earth-like planet has experienced the apocalypse. This was shaped this way due to some mysterious ancestor (Thanos) using a mystical tool called the Anthem of Creation (The Infinity Gauntlet) taking away half the universe’s population, leaving the universe in anarchy. As a Freelancer (guy/girl in an Iron Man suit) your mission is to protect your people while finding where Thanos is and figuring out how to take back the effect of the Infinity Gauntlet to bring back balance to this Earth-like planet, and the universe for that matter. What d’ya think? Did I just literally explain the plot of Avengers: End Game? @Disney sign me up.

What will I be doing in the Game? 

Like other games in this genre, for example; Destiny 2, Anthem will feature group-centric and solo activities – these are likely to include dungeons, raids and even open world missions. When not exploring Fort Tarsis as a single player, the open world of Anthem will utilise dedicated servers that supports up to 4 players at any one time. You can either join as a squad or let the game match-make your team with strangers.

Apart from core missions, you can also play Anthem in Free Play mode, where group events will randomly spawn at various locations that reward loot and experience points should you complete them. Within this mode you can level up your Javelin to better perform in your story objectives, while also learning more on the lore of the game, its world and the story behind it.

Apart from Free Play, Anthem’s story is played by means of Missions which you can play solo or with a team. These will consist of scripted encounters that will take you to various places as you learn more about Anthem’s story. Strongholds will also be available, these are basically dungeon-type objectives which requires a full team to challenge. Here you will find your group against difficult enemies and monsters in exchange for more valuable loot. These dungeon objectives will not be integral with the story, and can last around an hour to complete fully.

How will my Javelin fight?

Combat within Anthem will focus a lot on groups. Really and truly, Anthem will be a third-person shooter while piloting a flying Javelin. Players will be given the choice to choose one of four Javelins that will each have their own unique abilities and styles, although they’re free to swap between them when outside a mission. It’s fair to say that these Javelins can be considered as classes of warriors. Each of these exo-suits will have 2 customizable gear slots, an ultimate ability, and a support ability that can be used in battle. Like other games similar to this, enemies will frequently drop loot that can be used to upgrade your gear, offering new abilities and also leveling you up.

I’m sure you’re all interested in what these Javelin classes are, here’s a little info on each:

  • Rangers: Your standard solider. You can wield all but heavy weapons, you can use various grenades and you have a wicked wrist-mounted launcher to deal extra damage.
  • Storm: What’s a team without a glass-cannon? Storm is a mage-type warrior that uses 2 types of ‘seals’ to cast elemental damage abilities.
  • Collosus: The Tank. With the Collosus you can use heavy weapons including long-range artillery and rockets. I know who I’ll be using most of the time.
  • Interceptor: The Rogue Assassin. Utilising high speed with high damage, the Interceptor will be used for in-and-out type combat using melee weapons to eliminate unsuspecting targets.

Something very cool about Anthem’s combat will be the ability to use combos with multiple Javelin classes – these can deal massive damage to enemies. Groups of players will be able to coordinate special attacks with elemental type damage. In combat, players can trigger these abilities one after the other to perform combos to devastate their enemies.

I’m not sure if my crappy PC can take this game, what are the system requirements?

Well, you better make sure you got a good PC to get the best out of this game:

Anthem minimum system requirements:

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 3570 or AMD FX-6350
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 760, AMD Radeon 7970
  • GPU RAM: 2 GB
  • Storage: At least 50 GB of free space

Anthem recommended system requirements:

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 4790 3.6 GHz or AMD Ryzen 3 1300X 3.5 GHz
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060/RTX 2060, AMD RX 480
  • GPU RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: At least 50 GB of free space

When is Anthem coming out? And how can I play beforehand?

There was once chatter on the game coming out in Q4 of 2018, but alas Anthem was delayed. Nevertheless, Anthem has confirmed it will release on February 22, 2019 instead.

There are a couple of ways to play this game earlier than stated, although you got some obstacles to go through – for example, Anthem is doing a closed Alpha test but basically anyone can do this and it’s free to sign up. To try it out there’s a basic NDA you’ll need to sign, and sadly access will still be limited. I wouldn’t really do this since starting January 25th, Anthem will also be offering a full demo for Origin Access Premiere subscribers, all those who have pre-ordered Anthem and those who have EA Access. Even if you don’t have any of this, and you’re a lame-o who prefers just buying it off the shelf when it comes out, Anthem will have an open demo for anyone to try on February 1st. Most people are probably thinking; “Nah, this is will be some stupid Beta, I prefer playing the real thing.” Alas, you are wrong young war machine, this will be a traditional demo to showcase the game and everything you would like to experience and know.

To make sure all of you have understood, here’s everything you need to know if you want to try this game out before its release date:

Anthem VIP Demo

Dates: January 25-27

Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO

Requirements: Pre-order, or EA Access or Origin Access subscription

It’s still very unclear what exactly will be included within this demo, but it will probably be a small portion of the overall game.

Anthem Open Demo

Dates: February 1-3

Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO

Requirements: None

This will be an open demo with no strings attached. You can download the demo and try it during this three-day period for free.

Anthem Early Access to the Full Game

Release Date: February 15

Platforms: PC

Requirements: Origin Access Premier Subscription

Full access to Anthem a week before its official release. All the game’s content with no time limit. Sadly, this will only be available for PC and you’ll need the Origin Access Premier Subscription.

Anthem 10 Hours to Access to the Full Game

Release Date: February 15

Platforms: PC, XBO

Requirements: Origin Access Basic Subscription, EA Access

Players on XBO & PC who pay for EA Access or Basic Origin Access will play the whole game for up to 10 hours.

Anthem Official Release

Release Date: February 22

Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO

Requirements: Just buy the game, and stop freeloading!

By the way, here’s the trailer:

Top 10 Games on Nintendo Switch

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Mario games aren’t only what Nintendo can do!

If over the Christmas holidays the big old fat man with the long white beard (I’m talking about Santa, not weird uncle Maurice) got you a brand new, pretty and shiny Nintendo Switch and forgot to get you a couple of games to play with then Santa’s dumb. To be honest, good old St. Nick isn’t really tech savvy and probably thought that the actual console was a game in itself so we can’t really blame him. I mean, he was born in the year 270AD.

In case this occurred, and even if you’re thinking about buying a Switch yourself, the team at Monsoon Gaming want to help you out. We want to make sure that the first few games you get your hands on are the games that are right for you, be it – Switch exclusives, something for the whole family to enjoy, or just a good platformer. Let us guide you through our Top 10 games on Nintendo Switch.

Other games that sadly did not make the list but truly deserve to be commended are the following: Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy, Pokemon Let’s Go: Pikachu/Evee (here’s our review), Into the Breach, Dead Cells, Bayonetta 2, Diablo 3, Okami HD and Fortnite (yes, you can play Fortnite on Switch too!).

#10: Stardew Valley

Release Date: February 26, 2016

Ever wanted a game, which didn’t really feel like a game, but more like chores? And these chores end up becoming super addictive, like a drug? Ever thought about a game like Minecraft, but focused mostly on farming, rather than mining? If so, then this is the game for you mate. Stardew Valley shook the gamer world in 2016, it swiftly became an indispensable game for the Switch. The game felt like a life simulation, with so much depth and content which absolutely us. Forget your worries, wake up in the morning, water your crops and figure out how to get your farm in tip top shape. You then decide to head into town and go to the general store to buy some seeds and end up chatting up the cute guy you’ve had your eye on (In Stardew Vallet general stores were like the grimy clubs of the real world). If you’re not into that and you want to go explore and figure out a few mysteries and secrets of the valley that’s also up to you. One thing is for certain, this game rocks and is perfect for the handheld console lifestyle. I was never so hyped up to do manual labour in my life before this game! Just FYI, if you want something more straight forward and nothing that complex, I might just skip this game though, it is a very calming and low-key type game.

#9: Supersmash Bros. Ultimate

Release Date: December 7, 2018

I love Mario, and if you’re like me and frequent game stores during Christmas you probably noticed that this game was pretty much sold out a month ago. Albeit, with good reason. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate perfects the long-beloved Super Smash Bros. formula – combining the fun element of button mashing controller destruction as a little kid and also the single-minded, composed and competitive gamer. Basically the game focuses on the old fighter we went crazy over in 1999, although this time there’s a total of 76 different fighters you can fight with, most of these being celebrities from other Nintendo games. With a couple of mates telling me that just mastering one on these fighters could last you up to a year I was already trying to figure out the schedule needed to get this done. Sadly impossible. Best to try them all out and then choose your favourites. A game like this is fully customizable to your liking; fighters, game hazards, rule-sets. A game like this will also surely be needed next time you bring your mates over to battle it out, or even when your 5-year old nephew decides to come over for cake.

#8: Hollow Knight

Release Date: February 24, 2017

Hollow Knight is small, yet mighty. A game which holds an abundance of secrets, extreme challenges, and rewards to boot in an underground domain of melancholy. Imagine Castlevania with a huge map and places that can only be explored once you unlock your character further. You can also compare this game to Dark Souls with regard to annoyingly hard bosses, a dystopian type kingdom and the element of losing all your sh*t once you die. At least this game does it in a weirdly funny way and is absolutely worth your time. You wouldn’t think that this works on Switch, but it really does.

#7: Octopath Traveller

Release Date: July 13, 2018

Despite this being a game which in my opinion lacks story elements when progressing through the world, its character growth is sublime – especially when you reap the rewards of your hard work. It’s like the American dream; the great promise of a gamer’s career with exciting boss fights, and the satisfying factor of a job well done which helps you discover more of this game and of yourself (a little cliché right?). The game is pretty retro with regard to its aesthetic, but good golly it is worth every penny when it sucks you into its adventure, locks you in and throws away the key. A game, which has its faults, but is too good to ignore.

#6: Super Mario Odyssey

Release Date: October 27, 2017

Super Mario Odyssey is unlike other recent Mario games, the red Italian plumber doesn’t only walk forward and back in a straight line. There’s no time limit and each level is very ‘hat’ forward. Basically, this game focuses on giving Mario more freedom than ever before. A game which is filled with platforming challenges, little cute secrets and all manners of adventure which feels the same as other instalments but more 21st Century. It’s flat out fun, minus the flat part. Totally recommend this game if you’re a fan of Mario.

#5: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Release Date: May 4, 2018

This is a superb platforming game that has two major drawbacks when it was released in 2014 on the Wii U. These were that it was crazy difficult (almost like all other Donkey Kong games), and co-op was little iffy. It was such a creative and innovative game back then, but due to the level of difficulty many gamers decided to give up half way since they kept dying. This time, the developers thought about this, and Tropical Freeze’s Switch post addressed that problem with a new ‘Funky Mode’ that offered a couple of ways to make things easier for the player. All of this while keeping the same element of colourful playfulness that loyal Donkey Kong fans could enjoy. A very worthy spot, for a very worthy game. Also, the music is the bomb.

#4: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Release Date: April 28, 2017

Ah the blessed Mario Kart series. At least once in a gamer’s life they’ve played this game – either at home by their lonesome, at a party with friends or at an arcade against a weird snotty kid who always managed to ruin their life with that darn blue shell. Of course this game isn’t that different, well except for a top of the range fine-tuning and a polished UI. Due to these upgrades, I feel as if this Mario Kart is easily one of the most fun and exciting games you can play on Switch or any other console in that manner. Another good thing is that if you opt for the Deluxe version on Switch it also includes; all the DLC maps, a bunch of characters you’d find from the Wii U game and a complete overhaul of the legendary battle mode. Mario Kart 8 is top of the range my friends. If you like going fast and laughing at an angry Luigi this is totally the game for you.

#3: Undertale

Release Date: September 18, 2018

Undertale did come out in 2015, and it might look like some weird retro-style JRPG, but it is way before it’s time with regard to its concept. Basically, you’re a human stuck in a world of monsters and with it you decide whether you want to win encounters with violence or be smart and use context-based interaction (joking, talking etc). It’s a very smart game, and keeps close attention to whatever you’re doing and will express the repercussions of your actions in a very surprising way. Despite these grim consequences, Undertale can be very pleasing and pretty funny at times. Whether you make friends, or kill everyone – the writing and the system behind this game is absolutely astonishing, the soundtrack is pretty darn cool and there are lots of plot secrets that many gamers till today still haven’t totally uncovered. I recommend you play this game not more than 2 hours a day, as it sometimes messes with your mind.

#2: Celeste

Release Date: January 25, 2018

Celeste can be considered one of the most difficult games I’ve ever experienced on Switch. Instead of smashing my console every time I failed, the way this game is done helps me deal with my anger more sensibly. Very strange indeed. Within the game you help your character jump her way up this glorious mountain. This game can be tough as nails at times, and you’ll likely find that any room you enter looks extremely complex but the game focuses on one aspect. An aspect, which is so simple; just jump. That simple beauty of game mechanics coupled with a very charming story, fine-tuned controls and a joyous experience makes this game something truly remarkable, yet so humble.

#1: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Release Date: March 3, 2017

I had only played one other Zelda game apart from this one, and might I say this was monumentally better than its predecessor. A game which has no limits, super creative, full of surprises and an action-adventure game that will excel in the test of the time. Many believe this game to be the best ever made, and actually managed to outsell the Nintendo Switch itself on launch. It’s a pure open-world, it incorporates complete freedom and an incredible achievement in the gaming world. No Nintendo Switch gamer is complete until he plays this game.


The Outer Worlds: Bethesda’s Worst Nightmare

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The Outer Worlds: a better Fallout than Fallout, made by the ORIGINAL creators of Fallout.

As most people know, and some have experienced, Fallout 76 wasn’t that great and left a lot of Fallout fans with just a taste of the action – longing to be quenched with something more. As you can see here, the game wasn’t that highly rated by the team at Monsoon Gaming.

The masterminds behind the original Fallout game which came out in the 90s and other famous RPGs like Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines have since been working on that very same something to get us back on track. These mastermind developers are Leonard Boyarsky and Tim Cain, and with an impressive pedigree of games as seen above we are surely looking forward to what they have to offer.

Obsidian Entertainment, the studio behind the masterpiece which is Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity has revealed its next RPG, called The Outer Worlds. A game which, hopefully, is an answer to our prayers. One of which swiftly became one of the most anticipated games of 2019.

Now, if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple of months, most gamers know a fair bit about the game. Nonetheless, we want to make sure you get all you need to make an informed decision on whether this game is for you, which if you’re a fan of the ORIGINAL Fallout games, I’m sure you will genuinely love this RPG. Here’s everything you need to know about The Outer Worlds; its release date, gameplay and more.

When is The Outer Worlds coming out?

From what we’ve gathered, the game will be coming out sometime in 2019. Obsidian hasn’t given us a time window yet but we’re itching to know.

What’s the Story and the World going to be like?

The protagonist of this story starts off asleep on a ship transporting humans to the newly-formed Halcyon colony on the edge of the galaxy. Sadly, this ship ends up getting lost along the way, and with no way of waking up, your character stays in cryosleep for 70 years (not the most innovative start of a game, but anyhow). Somehow, after all that time in the sleeping chamber a scientist manages to wake you up, advises you about your predicament and needs your help in finding and saving your frozen comrades.

From the get-go you are given a choice (obviously a good RPG starts giving you choices straight away to get you hooked into the game) – choose to help him or immediately turn him into the corporate authorities for a cash reward. That is up to you, and your play-style of course. The core story behind this game will be based on your decisions, playing on both sides, with these decision you will then have multiple endings based on the choices you make throughout the game.

Most of the game will be played on the colony mentioned above, this colony consists of two main planets – both very different from one another. One planet has been terra-formed, and is more populated and abundant of refined resources. The other is more raw, wild and home to many aggressive alien beings (what FUN!). From the trailer and footage seen, I gathered that both planets will be very dynamic and bursting with colour and movement, with other gamers likening it to No Man’s Sky. Apart from the colony itself, you’ll also be playing the game on space stations and moons.

Most of you are probably thinking; would this game be an open world? The answer is – not really. The answer is pretty vague, but apparently the developers said that you will not be able to roam freely around the planets. Instead, you will be exploring a section of each one at any time, at your own pace, and with plenty of side-quests you can get your hands dirty, or clean on. Within the game you will easily be able to travel directly between areas without returning to your home base by means of spaceship, with the regular loading screen to render the area’s environment. Now, these areas will be visited again and again over time within the story-line. These areas might also change based on the choices you make within the game and your previous actions during story missions and side quests.

When comparing this game to past Obsidian releases the developers told Kotaku that “a good bit of context for the approach is to think of what we did in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, with potentially more ground to cover and explore in each area.” You’ll be able to roam and visit a lot of the world from whence you start the game with some places that you won’t be able to reach until you progress through the story further. On a side note, the people at PC Gamer also said that there will be some areas that you will not be able to return to. From what can be presumed certain areas will have tougher enemies with greater loot to use as you play.

You are the Master of your own Choices.

As other Obsidian games, and most RPGs nowadays, you’ll be able to solve and finish quests as you deem fit with each choice you make having a repercussion of some sort. In most quests you will choose between fighting upfront, being the stealthy character or talking your way out of situations to complete your objective. Core story quests have multiple steps to them, allowing you to choose your approach to them on the fly.

Normally, perks and stats can help you out (as seen in other games within the same genre) to be a smooth talker and complete quests in your own play style. With this game, it won’t be that easy. You’ll often have to find certain items across the world to play that method of the game, or gather intelligence about that NPC; maybe some blackmail or a bribe of some sorts.

In a one-to-one meeting with gaming journalists, Boyarsky said that they “don’t know” whether a person can actually finish the game in a purely pacifistic manner. I bet there will be some streamers and gamers who will try nevertheless.

Customize your character as you see fit: Skills, Perks and even Flaws are Apparent.

Playing as your character you will have the choice to upgrade your abilities through six main skill trees, these being: Strength, Intelligence etc. This is where you will use points as you progress through the game to upgrade each skill tree going up to 100 points for each. These skills will directly affect what will happen within the game. Example: Higher strength skills will heighten your melee damage with weapons such as swords and what not. These points will leave you to create your own character archetypes; being a brute, an assassin or even a master space cowboy. Let’s hope you can reset some of these points in case you want to switch your play-style half way through the game.

Apart from skills, for every 20 points you dump into one of your skill-trees you are rewarded a perk. Sadly, Obsidian hasn’t detailed what these perks will do exactly, but it probably would be focused on making your life within the game easier by customizing a certain character trait onto your playable person based on the skills you’ve set for yourself.

Something you barely see in games nowadays that will be a unique factor within The Outer Worlds is that you can utilize optional “flaws” as you traverse across the world. These relate to events that you overcome within game-play. Let’s say, you get burned in a fire, which will probably happen very often, you might be given the option of becoming afraid of flames. This might then in turn make you more susceptible to fire damage (this is an assumption). From what is detailed though, you will be limited with the amount of flaws you can pick up, but as Newton’s Third Law of Motion states – For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So once you take on a flaw, you are given a perk in return.

Another cool customization is that you can also choose how you look in the game. Even though the game is played in first-person you can still check out your appearance when the game is paused, or when you let the game be idle. Nothing really that great, but it’s the little things that count.

While the player is given a voice with regard to the choices within the game, your actual playable character is not voiced. Nevertheless, dialogue is hugely important. With each conversation having multiple options to choose from. Some of these dialogue options will be locked until you fill certain skills, these will thereby be locked as an option stating that you wouldn’t have the required stats to choose it. This will then encourage the player to change the build of your character, or simply take some drugs to temporarily buff your character. If only this can be done in real life. Take some drugs, climb a mountain, come back home and continue being a couch potato.

How will combat be within The Outer Worlds?

As stated previously, this game will be set in first person. Combat within the game will include a large array of weaponry – these include, but are not limited to pistols, laser rifles and cool-a** scythes and boomerang-type weapons. These weapons can then be modified, based on your skill-set and so on. Upgrading them with different ammo types as well, like bullets that deal elemental damage. You’ll likely find unique space-age weapons within the game as well, like the shrink ray.

Something we’ve seen before; The Outer Worlds will also have a VATS-style “time dilation” combat mechanism that will let you slow time down to analyse your opponents’ weakened armor and most efficient places to shoot. This will also give you more information on the enemy; like their remaining help. Unlike VATS, in The Outer Worlds you’ll be aiming and shooting manually (that’s a good thing right?).

Your companions will not be as loyal as you think…

You will pick up companions on your travels and as you progress through missions, these companions will then live on a spaceship which will serve as your home base between missions. You will have the ability to pick two of these comrades to accompany you when you leave the spaceship. Like other games, if you choose to fly solo and be a lonely renegade one-man-army you can also do so, and the game will reward you with perks.

These companions will not be the most loyal of battle brothers though, each will have different motivators, which you’ll be able to dig into with Mass Effect-styled side missions. Obviously, if you do something they don’t like, they might just ditch you in the dirt. Best you understand what the companion likes and dislikes so you don’t end up friendless. Nevertheless, these then go back on your ship and you can persuade them to be your companion again.

Each of your companions has a special ability and combat-style. Apart from providing battle support, they will interject in dialogue when faced with discussions with NPCs that are involved in their back-stories. You will also be able to call on their unique skills when the going gets tough, especially if your companion has a silver tongue s/he can help you in certain dialogue options.

This companion based game-play can help in all manners of situations. When putting together a group (you and your two companions) it is sometimes useful to utilize each attribute appropriately. For example, you can be the melee based fighter, the other can be the gun-man and your last companion can be the stealthy trickster to be a more-rounded team.

Also, just for you guys and gals to know. You will not be able to romance these companions. The developers considered it, but ultimately decided against it.

For all those that needed a refresher in a nut-shell:

  • It will be released sometime in 2019.
  • It’s an Unreal Engine 4 game.
  • No voiced protagonist.
  • Modifiable weapons, with some “science weapons” that will have unique and mad effects.
  • Fully customizable character.
  • You have companions with you during the game.
  • These companions will leave if you do something naughty, or at least naughty in their eyes and go back to the home-base. No romance. Sad face.
  • Hacking and lock-picking with no mini-games.
  • 6 sets of skills, with every 20 skill points used you get a perk.
  • Since this is a game by the original Fallout creators, be ready for “dumb” dialogue options.
  • The developer wants everyone to know that the game has a lot of drugs, but he’s not pressuring any of the players to take them.

By the way, here’s the trailer:

Best Upcoming Games of 2019

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The New Year is here, and with it comes a whole new array of games to keep us gamers busy and satisfied. From what is being said in the news, us peeps think this might be the last full year of the current console generation. Usually we would presume that due to this fact the games coming out in 2019 should be the final bow for this console generation’s best developers. We are very excited to see what these game publishers have got up their sleeve. The titles we are looking forward to in 2019 consist of a variety of new games; one being a return of one of the greatest horror games ever to be made, an online shooter from beloved RPG developers and a game that us Disney lovers can’t wait to experience. Without further ado, the team at Monsoon Gaming would like to list the games we’re looking forward to playing in 2019.

(FYI – we’re very excited for The Last of Us Part II  Halo Infinite Dying Light 2 & Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order but since their release dates are not fully confirmed I’m afraid these will not be included in the list).


Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled 

Release Date: June 21

Consoles: PS4, XBO, Switch

Crash is back in the Driver’s Seat!

I’ve been longing for this game for almost a decade now – casually using a PS1 emulator to replay Crash Team Racing over and over again. To be honest, this remake will be a difficult task for the CTR team. Finding a way to please the original game’s fans while also winning over a generation that recently experienced a game like Mario Kart 8 will be no walk in the park. Yet, I’m pretty sure the earned media this game has will help push it in the right direction, especially due to its huge cult following. This remake will not just be the same game, oh no sir, with new features and content you’ll be doing laps along with your friends and try beat the online leader board for hours of non-stop fun!


Days Gone 

Release Date: April 26

Consoles: PS4

The World comes for You.

Probably this will be one of the last exclusive PS4 games with all the talk of the PS5 coming out in 2020, I’m saying probably because Sony has literally been showing off this game at almost all their events (with lots of delays to boot). Despite the setbacks, the game does look promising. At its core, Days Gone is about survivors and what makes them human: desperation, love, brotherhood, and regret and bla bla bla. The real star of the game is its hostile open-world which will feature all manners of monsters, wicked beings and of course other men trying to end your sorry excuse of a life. While I would have loved to be torn apart by zombies in a post-apocalyptic world in 2018, I don’t mind waiting for 2019 to enjoy this experience. Don’t let me down Sony!


Devil May Cry 5

Release Date: March 8

Consoles: PS4, XBO, PC

Rocker Jeff Bridges, Emo Ezra Miller and Justin Bieber walk into the Underworld.

Fire and Brimstone this way comes. DMC is coming back baby! With more demon blowing carnage, cooler hair styles and the power of modern gaming technology. With a series that boasts over 16 million sales worldwide over 17 years it’s no surprise the game is ready to enter the modern world of gaming. This game being the first of the popular series to make its debut in the current generation – bringing back all the things us gamers love: like awesome looking mayhem against them Devil hunters with scourging demon blood in their veins. Come back to us Dante! We’re so excited for this game we did a whole post about it here.


New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Release Date: January 11

Consoles: Switch

Two Games in One, for Double the Fun!

Even though this game comes out in two days, it’s already being dubbed an awesome Nintendo Switch game. Critics say that rather than changing the Mushroom world around us, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is a very approachable and feature-rich game that captures the sense of carefree adventure that many of us felt as kids. More importantly, the game contains a significant amount of challenges, both within its story mode and outside of it. This game has clearly been designed by a team that regards Super Mario World with as much affection as those of us who grew up with it. While this ‘NEW’ game still retains a healthy amount of its Mario magic, it still feels pretty much the same it did seven years ago.


Far Cry: New Dawn 

Release Date: February 15

Consoles: PS4, XBO, PC

Discover a Pink World with the New Dawn.

The Far Cry series has taken me everywhere I wanted to check off my bucket list, exotic jungles, war-torn nations, rural America but this new Far Cry: New Dawn game wasn’t included – something different. I guess, this is what Earth in the Far Cry series looks like post-apocalypse, very pink if I do say so myself. Nevertheless, this premise fascinates me entirely. While all the signs are leading me to the conclusion that New Dawn will feature the same familiar suite of default gameplay I’ve grown to love/get bored of, I still have a very good feeling that this game will be an awesome, if not best entry to the Far Cry series. Touch wood.


Kingdom Hearts III 

Release Date: January 25

Consoles: PS4, XBO

The Power of Friendship vs The Darkness.

This is what I’ve been waiting for since 2004. While it hasn’t exactly been a long time since we’ve played a new Kingdom Hearts game, with 0.2 coming out recently and infamous sequels, prequels and re-releases Square Enix has certainly built a huge and passionate fanbase to the Disney based RPG. As most Kingdom Hearts geeks know, Square Enix & Disney have been teasing the launch of this game for quite some time now, especially since concepts of the game began as early as 2006, shortly after the launch of KH2. It wasn’t until E3 2013, after almost a decade in limbo, us KH fans finally found there was hope in Kingdom Hearts. This superb title will not only bring Disney classics into the fold like Toy Story but since Disney has grown monumentally since 2004 fans are awaiting a few surprises being included from Disney’s recent entertainment acquisitions.


Mortal Kombat 11

Release Date: April 23

Consoles: PS4, XBO, PC, Switch

Brutalities and Fatalities!

I’ve been hearing of a Mortal Kombat-type project coming out in the past couple of months, but I didn’t think that it would be coming out so soon! I find that this gory, hyper-violent game effectively is what gaming is all about. What intrigues me is that Mortal Kombat keeps selling, but really and truly hasn’t changed much in the past couple of years. It’s still over-the-top, it’s still a hard-hitting game and I still love it when I rip Johnny Cage’s heart from his chest. I digress, the game will be featuring a roster full of familiar faces with the same gaming premise, and from what I see in the trailer it will probably live up to the hype it’s always had when a game of Mortal Kombat is about to come out – let’s hope and see.


Resident Evil 2

Release Date: January 25

Consoles: PS4, XBO, PC

The Survival Horror Masterpiece.

One game my ex-colleague didn’t shut up about, the Resident Evil 2 remake. I mean, he was talking about it for years, in fact, rumours about this game date back to the release of the Resident Evil remake for GameCube! Against the tides, and without a doubt I was startled to see Resident Evil 2’s official debut at E3 2018 and guess what? It managed to bring back the memories of my ex-colleague not shutting the f**k up about it, but at the same time it managed to meet my expectations on a game that has been worked on for the last couple of years. Horror meet my ex-colleague.


The Division 2

Release Date: March 15

Consoles: PS4, XBO, PC

Bigger Threats, more ways to Play.

The original Division game was an awesome game that sadly just briefly captures online shooter fans before being buried under some bad design choices and a frustrating lack of updates. Massive Entertainment, Red Storm Entertainment and so on realised this, and are well-aware to make The Division 2 a greater game than its predecessor. They have stated that this upcoming game will be bigger, more story-driven and ultimately more accommodating to groups of gamers. Do you think you’ll give the team behind the Division another chance?


Luigi’s Mansion 3

Release Date: TBA 2019

Consoles: Switch

Oh, Mamma Mia, Luigi!

As most of you know, the Luigi’s Mansion franchise has never been perfect. Some might say, it was never that great to start with when it came out on GameCube so long ago. Nevertheless, the original did capture that fun, quirky aspect of gaming that made Nintendo famous when looking at games on the market at that time. Now, whether Nintendo has really pushed this game to the limit is but a presumption but with clever and improved gameplay, plus Nintendo’s recent success this game really might hit the mark on what Switch games really have to offer. We’ll just wait and see.


The Outer Worlds

Release Date: TBA 2019

Consoles: PS4, XBO, PC

It’s like Fallout and Mass Effect had a Baby.

This is a game I think people need. After Fallout 76 I’m sure people got a taste of the action but want more – this is where The Outer Worlds comes in. The game is basically an Obsidian-developed Fallout sequel that many fans have been waiting for since New Vegas. Can you believe it, it’s almost here. 2019 brings an open-world RPG which features creative writing, choice making with true role-playing options that we’ve long been expecting. This kind of looks like the brain child of the producers of Fallout, Mass Effect and something completely new. I cannot wait for this to launch!


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Release Date: March 22

Consoles: PS4, XBO, PC

You are the One-armed Wolf.

I’m not a fan of Dark Souls, the other member of Monsoon Gaming is, but I’m not, I guess I don’t have the patience. And when FromSoftware said that Sekiro would not be like Dark Souls I had my doubts. It looked like Dark Souls and it appeared to be super challenging like Dark Souls. So yeah, I presumed it was like Dark Souls nonetheless. At least, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice borrows some elements from Dark Souls, but is completely different. A new samurai adventure that features a new awesome weapon system and the chance of a second life, rather than losing everything like some other games. So for this game, I will give it a chance and hope it’s not like its predecessor.



Release Date: February 22

Consoles: PS4, XBO, PC

Adventure Together, Triumph as One.

Bioware’s Anthem is the studio’s most talked about game in years, while there has been some negative opinions on the game – namely on microtransactions and originality (people are saying this game looks very similar to Destiny) – I am not one of those people. I am personally pretty stoked for this game to come out. Anthem is certainly a game which is different from the RPGs these publishers usually launch, but that’s really the trend nowadays – social play. In the game you will have the ability to team up to three other players in coop adventures. With each player’s choice of javelin exosuit, the game will consist of strategic elements to contribute to the team and take down the objective. What do you think? Will this game stop negative online comments about EA games? Or will they reinforce them?


Metro Exodus

Release Date: February 22

Consoles: PS4, XBO, PC

Post-apocalyptic Russia in 2036!

Who here has played the Metro series? I haven’t, but from what I see I might just buy the bundle before playing this game. The Metro series is one hell of a clever first-person shooter with a great environment for me to wreak carnage upon. As a story-driven first person shooter from 4A games that blends deadly combat and stealth with exploration (in a non-open world fashion), this upcoming shooter will expand the scope of the Metro concept by taking a new and better perspective on the end of the world.


Rage 2

Release Date: TBA June

Consoles: PS4, XBO, PC

Dive headfirst into a Dystopian World devoid of Society, Law, and Order.

I forgot about the original Rage game. I know what you’re thinking; if it was so forgettable, why even put its sequel on this list? I mean it was part of this weird era of shooters that cause huge mayhem bla bla bla. Nevertheless, when viewing the trailer of Rage 2, I then started to think that maybe this game can be awesome. I mean check out the trailer above! It seems like Avalanche Studios brought back Rage from the dead to combine the best of several popular action games to produce something like Mad Max: Fury Road as a game!


Gears 5

Release Date: TBA 2019

Consoles: XBO, PC

The World is Crumbling.

Another fantastic exclusive game we’re dying to check out is Gears 5. Its predecessor, Gears of War 4 was an awesome Xbox game, given that its gameplay was slightly (emphasis on slightly) more innovative but the star was its story. A story we did not predict would come from such a game. It seems like Microsoft are loving this, and want to continue advancing this story with Gears 5, focusing on an intimate band of soldiers trying to complete a mission of revenge and redemption. Since this will likely be one of the last XBO’s exclusives, we’re hoping for the best!


Crackdown 3

Release Date: February 15

Consoles: XBO, PC


Ever thought what it would be like to play as Terry Crews and have the power of Old Spice running through your veins? Well, Microsoft have finally answered your prayers my children, get ready for the XBO’s hidden gem open-world title from the long forgotten Crackdown series. These games focused on outlandish, superhero-like gameplay giving players the chance to just go wild in a metro setting (this game is not Saint’s Row people, get over it). Since we haven’t heard of the Crackdown series for around 8 years now, open-world games has changed substantially so we hope this game keeps true to its purpose while also updating us with new and innovative game mechanics. I want to be gallivanting around this open-world, blowing stuff up and being an all-round great smelling superhero.


Yoshi’s Crafted World

Release Date: TBA 2019

Consoles: Switch

As Yoshi, you’ll leap up High and Gulp down Enemies.

As some of you know, Yoshi’s Woolly World was one of the Wii U’s most underrated titles, and one of Yoshi’s greatest adventures. With this new upcoming game: Yoshi’s Crafted World, it seems like the producers wanted to replicate many of these qualities and create something a little different. I’m going to be honest with you, I have more questions about this game than I have answers. From watching the trailer I’ve found that the Woolly World formula is bolstered by the introduction of a new mechanic that allows players to ‘flip’ a stage and open new paths. Sounds confusing right? Let’s just say it’s not really going to be 2D if you get what I mean? Well it certainly peaked my interest and can’t wait to see what this game has to offer.

Devil May Cry 5: An Emo, a Metal Head and Justin Bieber walk into the Underworld

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Good old Uncle Dante and his Nephews…

Devil May Cry 5 is an upcoming action-adventure hack and slash video game developed and published by Capcom. It is the fifth instalment of the mainline Devil May Cry series, and is scheduled to be released on 8 March 2019.

DMC is coming back baby! With more demon blowing carnage, cooler hair styles and the power of modern gaming technology. With a series that boasts over 16 million sales worldwide over 17 years it’s no surprise the game is ready to enter the modern world of gaming. This game being the first of the popular series to make its debut in the current generation – bringing back all the things us gamers love like awesome looking mayhem against them Devil hunters with scourging demon blood in their veins.

I remember playing Devil May Cry 1 back in 2002 on my uncle’s PS2, I was ten at the time, with my aunt telling me this game will fry your mind. I fell in love with that statement, and wanted my brain to turn into that McDonalds nugget if it meant me playing more of this dark and entertaining game. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until Devil May Cry 4 that I actually started understanding the story further-ish. My brain is still fried, in a good way.

It’s taken a long time for Capcom to bring back the Devil May Cry series, but finally it’s happening. After many rumours and speculation, DMC5 made its debut during the E3 2018 press conference with a staggering trailer as seen above. The game is set for a worldwide release on March 8th, 2019 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This next major entry has a few different aspects to game, like multiple playable characters and new, upgraded weaponry. This is the game we’ve all been waiting for.

Since it’s been quite some time since the other Devil May Cry games many fans don’t really know what’s going on with this new game, with some fans losing touch with the series and forgetting some major aspects. Well fret not woe demon hunters, we’re here to keep you updated. Here we go.

Also, if you’d like to check out all Monsoon Gaming’s favourite upcoming games of 2019 check them out here.

What is Devil May Cry 5?

Devil May Cry 5 is an upcoming action-adventure game. Developed by Capcom, the long-running DMC series has always been about fast, stylish action while using a variety of unique weapons. Over the last 17 years, the series has gone on to inspire a particular brand of action gameplay, where fast-paced action and challenging battles go hand-in-hand. With every game, the stakes and scope of the series has grown, and DMC5 looks to be the most detailed and elaborate entry yet – obviously.

As most of you know, in DMC4 you played as Dante & Nero, this time there’s someone new you’ll be playing with alongside your white haired demon hunters, the newcomer V. Running on the state of the art RE Engine, the same framework power games like Resident Evil 7 and the Resident Evil 2 remake, the game will surely blow our mind with outstanding graphics and exceptional detail.

Cool stuff, but if I never played the previous games how am I going to catch up?

Damn right there are multiple ways to catch up and play them previous games you so dearly miss. You can check out the DMC HD Collection with the first 3 games in one. DMC4 Special Edition is also available on all modern platforms. Also, as an added extra, if you want to play Ninja Theory’s DMC which, although is not part of the Capcom series, is an awesome entry into the mix you can do so on PS4 and Xbox One, sadly no PC release.

Can I start the series with this game? 


Now generally I always advise to play all the other games of the series, and for this one, I’m not changing my mind sadly. Now there is chatter that this game just references storylines and characters of the series within its 16 year history some are saying that it is totally possible to jump straight into Devil May Cry 5. I’m sure the game will get you up to speed of what’s happened and who’s who since this game will work as a ‘standalone’ but nonetheless I do not advise it. Knowing the whole story presume will make your experience playing this game ten times better especially if you’re a demonic diehard fan of the series.

DMC5 will act as a standalone sequel to the events of DMC4 where Nero and Danta fought against the likes of Sanctus and the Order of Sparda. Ironically, next to the other games which barely referenced their predecessors, DMC5 will explain quite a bit on the DMC series, for example like explaining who crafted Dante’s iconic weapons with some DMC2 in this mix as well. Just for you to know this is the proper chronoligcal order for the series of games:

  1. Devil May Cry 3
  2. Devil May Cry 1
  3. Devil May Cry 4
  4. Devil May Cry 2
  5. Devil May Cry 5

So what will I be expecting from DMC5?

Wouldn’t you like to know? Most details at the moment are *hush hush* but from what we know the game will focus on some awesome and thrilling action sequences. In addition to the new weapons and characters as listed above, this game will also include an online co-op mode. Apart from this, DMC5 will boast a training room called – VOID MODE where the player can learn all the different moves and weapons available for the three playable characters.

Who are the playable characters like now?

Nero AKA Justin Bieber

Our lovely demon duelling Nero from DMC4 is back, and one of the main playable leads in DMC5. However, some things have changed, for started his hair, but let’s not get into that. Start from his moves – still utilising is Blue Rose Revolver and Red Queen charged up sword, it’s pretty much the same from that end. However, his cloudy weird demonic ‘Devil Bringer’ hand is gone so instead he’ll be utilising this new ‘Devil Breaker System’ as seen in trailers.

Within the game you’ll be able to purchase upgrades and new enhanced ‘Devil Breakers’ from newcomer Nico’s shop at the game’s mobile headquarters. Essentially, these will be disposable arms that will offer Nero different skills and modifiers to his move-set – for example the Gerbera arm will shoot lazers, the Tomboy will help Nero’s sword become more awesome and the Buster arm will act like the previous game’s Devil Bringer. However, these arms have an element of wear and tear, especially since you’ll be using them to battle huge and enormously powerful enemies. So at one point or another these Devil Breakers will break. Nonetheless, from what is being heard at the moment there will be plenty of arms scattered around the game so finding a new arm along the way will be easy.

Dante AKA Rocker Jeff Bridges

Our old looking devil hunter friend is back, while he doesn’t look the same like in previous games Dante is ever the demon killer we know and love. With a huge variety of weapons, Dante is the superpower when it comes to killing demons. Utilising an array of swords, firearms and gauntlets he’ll quickly makes ends-meet of his fiendish foes. From what we’re understanding Dante will still have the power of ‘Devil Trigger’ significantly amplifying his strengths and abilities. From what is stated, throughout the game Dante will continue acquiring new weapons as he defeats demon bosses and gaining different combat styles ultimately complimenting his status as the strongest demon slayer.

One of the newer innovations for Dante is the option to customize specific loadouts for his melee and firearms. In the pre-mission menu, you can choose which weapons you want to bring with you in mission. If you want to come in fully armed – with up to four melee and firearms each – then you can do so. But if you’re feeling more traditional and want to stick with one melee and firearm, you can do that too. Dante will also be able to use his different combat styles – Swordmaster, Gunslinger, Trickster and Royal Guard – which can open up new moves to use for his weapons.

V AKA Emo Ezra Miller

So, who is this V everyone’s talking about? Well, it wasn’t until the ‘The Game Awards 2018’ trailer that we finally saw what DMC5’s new playable character V can do. Unlike Nero and Dante’s white ‘Sephiroth’ looking hair, V’s look is particularly different, it seems like when he switches to demon killing mode his hair turns white. I guess in the DMC world it’s like going Super Saiyan. Dissimilar to the other two demon slayers, V’s combat will focus primarily on summoning demonic familiars to do his fighting, familiars like in DMC1. Within the trailer we see V summoning demonic monsters like Nightmares, Shadows and Griffons with Emo Ezra Miller chilling at a distance, probably tweeting about his new Fantastic Beasts movie.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, from what is seen in the trailer V can still put up a fight on his own. With his cane he is seen finishing off weakened demons and mounting some large beasts as well. We still don’t know much about him but it will be pretty interesting seeing a character which will probably differ in fighting style from the usual hack and slash type fighting we know from the DMC series.

So how will Co-Op work with DMC5?

DMC5 will feature a new mechanic called the CAMEO System, this will allow players to team up online. This is the second time co-op has appeared in the series, the first being in DMC3 for a particular boss battle. Throughout the campaign and at certain stages within the game, when online, this system will allow other players to choose from the 3 characters to join you on your quest with each of the MAX 3 players each picking different characters, allowing you to complete the level together. Once you’ve completed the level you can even rate their performance. If you decide to play offline, the game’s AI will then control the other characters instead.

How can I try this game before its release? Is there a demo?

Oh yes, there is a demo, but only for Xbox One right now, however in the coming months a second demo will be made available for fans and prospects on multiple platforms. This demo, as seen in Gamescom 2018 and PAX West 2018, will consist of a short mission with Nero fighting his way through the streets, culminating in a boss fight against Goliath.

Kingdom Hearts III: Do you need a PHD in Literature to understand the KH Universe?

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KINGDOM HEARTS III tells the story of the power of friendship as Sora and his friends embark on a perilous adventure. Set in a vast array of Disney and Pixar worlds, KINGDOM HEARTS follows the journey of Sora, a young boy and unknowing heir to a spectacular power. Sora is joined by Donald Duck and Goofy to stop an evil force known as the Heartless from invading and overtaking the universe.

Through the power of friendship, Sora, Donald and Goofy unite with iconic Disney-Pixar characters old and new to overcome tremendous challenges and persevere against the darkness threatening their worlds.

As most Kingdom Hearts geeks know, Square Enix & Disney have been teasing the launch of this game for quite some time now, especially since concepts of the game began as early as 2006, shortly after the launch of KH2. It wasn’t until E3 2013, after almost a decade in limbo, us KH fans finally found there was hope in Kingdom Hearts. Five and a half long years later and KH3 is almost out, and Monsoon Gaming knows most of you have a couple of questions you’re asking.

For more information about our favourite upcoming games of 2018, check out the link here.

Is KH3 actually coming out soon?

Yes, or at least that’s what the KH team are telling us, KH3 is scheduled to be released on PS4 and XBOX One on 25/01/19 in Japan and 29/01/19 everywhere else, obviously the Japanese always get the stuff first. Lucky.

I know what you’re thinking, should I believe this? They’ve taken sooooo long to launch, change in game engine and all, especially since at D23 in 2017 they announced the game to be released end of 2018. Apparently Square Enix requested the game be released simultaneously between Japan and the rest of the world, and since they didn’t want to move the date up, it resulted that the best time to release the game was end of January. Even though in my opinion I would have loved to play the game over the Christmas Holiday but you do you Nemura!

Which worlds will the game take me to?

As most of you know, Disney acquired Pixar to become an even more powerful and gloriously joyful company than it was previously. With this acquisition comes new fruit to bear with regard to possible worlds for Sora, Donald and Goofy to explore. Till today, meaning 13/11/2018 the confirmed worlds are as follows:

  • Corona (Tangled)
  • San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6)
  • Olympus Coliseum/Mount Olympus (Hercules)
  • 100 Acre Wood (Winnie the Pooh)
  • Mysterious Cloud World (Unsure what, or where this is)
  • Port Royal (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Arendelle (Frozen)
  • Andy’s House/Arcade (Toy Story)
  • Monstropolis (Monsters, Inc.)
  • Twilight Town (KH2)
  • Yen Sid’s Tower (KH2)

That all sounds cool and stuff, but, I never really understood the KH Universe, what do I need to know before playing KH3?

I’m going to be totally honest with you, if I was you, and I want to be totally immersed and in line with what will be happening in KH3 I’d grab KH1.5, KH2.5 & KH0.2 and play those and refresh my mind before touching KH3. That’s my opinion, even though Square Enix did mention that out of all the games, you should play KH0.2 as a ‘prologue’ before KH3. Not sure if that’s just a way for you to spend more money on the latest game to boost sales or if it is totally honest, but I kind of trust Square Enix to be frank.

You might think, isn’t KH3’s title a little misleading, since it really isn’t the third game in the series. Well don’t fret my fellow fans, here’s a list of every title, in order of story chronology, not including the remakes, obviously. If you’ve found that you just DO NOT have the time to go through all of these, what you can risk skipping can be found below with a star – * (not recommended):

  1. Kingdom Hearts X*
  2. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep 
  3. Kingdom Hearts 
  4. Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories* 
  5. Kingdom Hearts 0.2 (beginning)
  6. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days* 
  7. Kingdom Hearts II 
  8. Kingdom Hearts: Coded*
  9. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dreams Drop Distance*
  10. Kingdom Hearts 0.2 (ending)
  11. Kingdom Hearts III 

If you’ve played, or even heard your friend talking about Kingdom Hearts you’ve probably learnt that it is mega-complicated, with an extremely intricate story that many people find difficult to understand. I mean, just by seeing the collection of these games, and their names already merits you a couple of O-Levels to understand their meaning. Walking into KH3 with no preparation might leave your mind in shambles, so I’m briefly going to give you the absolute minimum you need to know to get an understanding of the series:

The whole plot of KH3 is focused on the war for Kingdom Hearts, Xehanort, the main bad guy believes there must be balance between light and dark. To do so, he needs to access Kingdom Hearts (the heart of all worlds) by putting together the 20 pieces of the X-Blade (these pieces are held within 20 different characters).

After Birth by Sleep, Xehanort is split in two – his nobody, Xemnas and his heartless, Ansem. In KH 1 and KH 2, Sora fights both Xemnas and Ansem which results in Xehanort’s resurrection. Since the main bad guy is back, he wants to open that door, the only way to do so is all-out war – 7 lights (good guys) vs 13 darknesses (bad guys).

Seven lights being the keyblade wielders: Sora, Riku, Kairi, Ventus, Terra, Aqua and King Mickey and thirteen darknesses being Organisation 13 – however, since Birth by Sleep; Ventus, Aqua & Terra have disappeared. No doubt, in KH3 we’ll be seeing Sora trying to find them for the ultimate showdown between good and bad.

What’s the wicked new KH theme song?

You knew KH will release an eerie, exciting, Japanese influenced theme song with KH3 that you might put on your Spotify playlist to listen to while on a jog, or in the car like all the other original theme songs of the series. I can tell you from now, singing along to ‘Sanctuary’ at 3AM on the streets of Valletta back in 2005 with some wine in my blood is one memory I will not forget. You also probably though that Utada Hikaru would publish this song in English and Japanese. You were right on both counts, except this time why not include some dub-step in the mix.

In February of 2018, Hikaru unveiled the KH3 theme song: ‘Don’t Think Twice’ in English, and ‘Oath’ in Japanese. Check out ‘Don’t Think Twice’ below:

Now, if you don’t know yet, Skrillex, an apparently massive fan of the KH series approached the team and wanted to do a remix of ‘Don’t Think Twice’. Funnily enough, I guess the KH team said, let’s just create an entirely new song for KH3, and that is where ‘Face Your Fears’ was born, likely to drop right before the game so keep a look-out for any new updates along the way!


Got it, so I now understand the story briefly and the information about the KH universe, any other new components to look forward to in KH3?

Hells to the yeah, apart from the new worlds mentioned above like Big Hero 6, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc. Tangled etc. and the new summons like, Wreck-It Ralph & Ariel there a couple of things that we’ve never seen before:

  • Keyblade Transformations – Apparently, as seen in the trailers, your keyblade in the game transforms based on which world you’re in.
  • Mighty Morphin’ Keyblade Wielders – You know, back in the day you’ve always been restricted to three people in your party, but this time, you’ll have FIVE. Yeah, you read it right, Sora, Goofy, Donald and two Disney characters from each world. Imagine the Trinity Limits with that amount of bad boys in your crew.