Days Gone: Story, Gameplay and a Zombie Killing Son of Anarchy

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Days Gone is looking to be one of the biggest PS4 exclusives set to emerge in 2019, if everything goes well that is. If the rating of this game is anything short of a 90% the gaming community is going to be pretty upset.

Developed by Sony Bend, Days Gone is a post-apocalyptic open world game which has the gamer playing as a rebellious biker in a society where humans are just as deadly as their undead counterparts. If you’ve seen even a glimpse of this game’s aesthetics and gameplay you’ve probably already denounced this game as a rip-off of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, and its upcoming sequel, The Last of Us Part 2. What’s really different is the premise, environments and the element of it being an open world.

I mean, imagine playing a game which has you, one of Hell’s Angels (biker gang) ripping away at a bunch of zombie freaks you’ve probably seen on everyone’s favourite series, The Walking Dead I’m sure you’ll be pretty excited. PS… I genuinely don’t know if that show is relevant anymore, stopped watching it years ago. I digress. Since the game is literally days away from release we here at Monsoon have put together a bit of info you probably want to know before purchasing this so-called last shot for a PS4 exclusive.

What’s Days Gone?

Come on Joey, have you been living under a rock these past couple of years? This game has literally been advertised everywhere. If you have been in your own bubble playing Fortnite or something, here’s a bit of info on what the game is about. Days Gone is an open world action-adventure survival horror game by Sony Bend, the first-party studio behind Uncharted: Golden Abyss and the Syphon Filter franchise. This game is totally inspired by The Last of Us and Sons of Anarchy. Within the game you play as some dodgy rebellious biker trying to find his way in a post-apocalyptic world decimated by a global pandemic. Sooo many post-apocalyptic games this year, to be frank I’m getting bored of them, this game better be good.

When is it coming out?

As said previously, Days Gone has been delayed a multitude of times but finally we can say that Days Gone will launch exclusively for PS4 on April 26, 2019. Now if you want to play this game before watching the new Avengers movie that’s in your hands mate since they come out on the same day.

Is there a bit of gameplay I can check out for Days Gone?

Surely young padawan, check out a bit of gameplay below:

How does it play?

Days Gone is ultimately set in an open-world where the player will be free to approach every location and objective in a multitude of different ways based on the gamer’s preferences. You can either go in guns ablazin’ or stealthy depending on the circumstances of conflict – these are mostly going to be based on your health, your abilities and the ammo you got in your pocket.

The open-world is vast, with locations that will differ in environments and variations of zombies, or so called ‘Freakers’ – Days Gone’s zombie terminology. Since you’re human and these Freakers are mostly in hordes you’ll likely need to be very aware of your surroundings and the places you visit. Sometimes, being smart and ambushing these enemies by drawing their attention at the right moment and ripping them apart in the masses might be the way to go. In the game you’ll be carrying two weapons, and along with them you’ll have an arsenal of other equipment such as Molotov Cocktails, healing items and axes. This game will give you a lot of opportunities to wreak havoc and have fun doing it. Be creative, be a zombie slaying son of anarchy brother!

The protagonist in this game is a biker, so you’d think his motorcycle will act as the main method of transportation throughout the game’s environments – specifically The Pacific Northwest. You’re right, but it’s not just a motorcycle you have and get to throw away. Think of it as your horse in RDR2, it has character and needs to be cared for and repaired throughout the game. Remember, without taking care of this two-wheeled partner of yours might get you in a scenario where you’re left in the dust and a tasty meal for the infected. If you want to check out our RDR2 Review check it out here.

Apart from the above, the game’s environment will work on a dynamic weather system spanning from all parts of the day – plus it’s a world of choices. The choices you make within the game has consequences, which can result in environment change and the outcome to certain quests.

So another zombie game, what’s the story of Days Gone?

Yeah, I know what you mean. While the developers have been pretty ‘hush hush’ on what the game is actually going to be about. What we do know is that Deacon St. John, the protagonist of the game, is a man who prefers to live in the dangerous outside world than in the confines of civilian encampments, even if it means dealing with hordes of relentless infected. The whole game takes place two years after some global contagion overwhelmed humanity, turning millions of mindless zombies into what is known as ‘Freakers’. They’re pretty quick from what we’ve seen, and they come in groups so be ready for your anxiety levels to reach the roof when taking them on.

Will Days Gone eat a huge portion of my hard drive?

Yes, Days Gone is an absolute monstrosity. The title will take up an outstanding 67GB of hard drive space. It’s huuuuuge… This is the full size of the title once its day one patch has been installed, which in itself is 20GB. Considering what we’ve seen of the game itself, it isn’t a big surprise, but for all those that have a 500GB console, time to equip a better load-out to fight those Freakers at ease. I’m sure you all remember the long install wait for RDR2 to install… lol.

Any Trailers?

Hell of a lot of trailers of Days Gone:

Open World Trailer: 

Story Trailer: 

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