Devil May Cry 5 Review: Totally Smokin’ Sexy Style!

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Capcom you are one cool cat, DMC5 is an absolute masterpiece.

Devil May Cry 5 is an action-adventure hack and slash video game developed and published by Capcom. It is the fifth installment of the mainline Devil May Cry series, and was released on 8 March 2019. Devil May Cry 5 received a positive reception from critics. 

So much fun, and so little time to speak about it. There’s a time, rarely seen in the video game sector when everything feels like total bliss. There are those great moments in life, like when you see a girl and you fall in love at first sight, times where you’re trailing across the highway with meadows all around you during sunset with some Bruce Springsteen on the radio. These moments have the ability to remove all stress and thoughts, thinking about nothing else but the present. I experienced this when playing this DMC5 – could be linked to nostalgia but who knows?

As previously mentioned in the preview of the game I wrote; Devil May Cry 5: An Emo, a Metal Head and Justin Bieber walk into the Underworld I’m a pretty avid fan of the series. Just a bit of a recap, I remember playing Devil May Cry 1 back in 2002 on my uncle’s PS2, I was ten at the time, with my aunt telling me this game will fry your mind. I fell in love with that statement, and wanted my brain to turn into that McDonalds nugget if it meant me playing more of this dark and entertaining game. Funnily enough, it wasn’t until Devil May Cry 4 that I actually started understanding the story further-ish. My brain is still fried, in a good way.

A lot has changed since then, especially with DMC5. Smashing the buttons on my controller transforms into a flurry of crazy combos that see demons thrown into the air and fed a smorgasbord of bullets, steel and heavy metal. Yeah, imagine Mick Jagger but cooler, say what?

Don’t get me wrong, the game itself can take a while to understand and get a hold of especially with the new character V. The game requires the player to memorize move-sets and chain together different skills for super combo style. Once you become lighter on your feet and more comfortable with the moves you’ll likely have a lot of fun with the amount of power and carnage you can do at the touch of your fingertips. That is, until you surpass Devil Hunter Difficulty. Good luck with that.

It seems like Dante and his friends never grow up, mentally that is. His escapades are still considered timeless, even if the whole underworld is against him (which happens all the time), he still gets back up and laughs everything off. This is something which makes me fond of the character development across the years.

The Story

Even if you haven’t played previous Devil May Cry games and you’re a newbie, I can still imagine it being ultra-fun for you. Nevertheless, DMC5 does somewhat expect you to be slightly familiar with a bunch of characters and the Devil May Cry lore and history. In a nutshell, it’s good versus bad, naturally at war. What’s good is that in the main menu of the game there’s the ‘History of DMC’ option which helps newbies get up to speed with the game. Before starting out, I recommend taking advantage of that, it’s pretty awesome!

Check out the video below to get a good run-through:

DMC5 comes right after DMC4, where Dante and Nero find themselves with newbie V to battle a new mysterious enemy named Urizen. Red Grave City is filled with the demonic plague and nests of corrupted creatures are running a muck feeding on the local people, specifically on their blood (pretty sure it wasn’t going to be their love).

The Characters –

Naturally there are some familiar character you probably recognize if you’ve played previous games. There are also a couple of new characters, specifically a playable character which is pretty interesting.

Nero AKA Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians

As our lovely Dante does, in the first opening minutes of the game he gets beaten to a pulp and gets left trapped while Nero retreats. Nero doesn’t have the demon arm anymore, instead he now uses a mechanical Devil Breaker appendage designed by his mate Nico. These Devil Breakers basically define Nero’s fighting ability now. One of them transforms into a flaming sword, another freezes time to destroy demons in a flash.

These Devil Breakers can be switched to create a symphony of destruction and mayhem with some surprising and interesting combos to boot. Sadly, or not so sadly given the situation, heavy hits can eventually destroy these Devil Breakers. You can also blow them up yourself to cause some well-timed damage to your enemies. Don’t worry though, new arms are pretty easy to come by. Out of the three playable characters, Nero was my absolute favorite. Sorry Dante.

Dante AKA Hank Anderson

Closely coming in second is the legendary son of a Sparda; Dante – the franchise poster boy you might say. He basically plays the same as seen in the other DMC games. Wielding his sword; Rebellion and his twin guns; Ebony and Ivory Dante is pretty much the same sort of powerhouse he was with some special skills. These are distributed across four unique categories: Swordmaster, Gunslinger, Trickster and Royal Guard. We know Capcom is going to up his skills a little as he’s aged a bit now, the demon slayer now has a few tricks up his sleeves. Later in the game you’ll likely see Dante wielding elemental nunchucks and a crazy spiritual motorcycle that splits in two to wipe out your enemies. He’s a pretty versatile character with plenty of ways to hunt down and kill demons, while also looking frikkin’ cool.

V AKA Kylo Ren

V, my baby V. V is a total newcomer to the series who’s a total Goth and loves Chemical Romance cosplay. Sadly, he’s basically the weak link in the demon hunting three musketeers. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, I did get used to how he fights, and I enjoyed my time playing as him. Unlike the other two, V stands back and commands a trio of shadow beasts to do his fighting for him. These are a Griffin, a Panther and a bulking nightmare (which drops from the sky with an explosion). These are basically V’s weapons to damage his foes, up until their weak enough for V to finish them off himself.

You’ll need to be careful as your weapons (beasts) might die, which will leave you vulnerable so you’ll have to think about the situation and evade attacks until they re-spawn. This means you’ll have to think both offensively and defensively when playing with V, more of a strategic player rather than the other two which are pure powerhouses within themselves. While V is still fun to play, I don’t feel that in control when playing him, it’s not detrimental to the game but it isn’t that smooth. Hammer those buttons, and hope for the best I guess. He’s still fun and very welcome in DMC5, analyzing certain situations while hanging back and commanding your demonic beast pack can be quite exciting in its own right.

The World –

Massive props to Capcom, the world of DMC5 is gorgeous. It is obviously based on London, Red Grave is an industrial city overtaken by the big baddie; Urizen and his bloodthirsty mob of demons. The beginning of the game gets you running and battling across a fictionalized version of Piccadilly Circus and London Bridge before you get down and dirty in the rank subways and underground to kill off some mangy demons in the abandoned metro tunnels.

Since the game isn’t an open world, you don’t really have much time to take in the beauty of Red Grave City. Instead you’ll be trailing from organic demonic tower to tower which Urizen calls home. It can get pretty repetitive throughout the game, and also claustrophobic at times. While the game has always been ‘dark’, I wished there was more time spent on the outside.

The Game –

Even though fighting in the dark can be repetitive, trailing to countless red gates and eliminating all the enemies in that region and moving to the next one can get a little old when thinking about it, DMC5 was still a wonderful gaming experience. Almost every new battle was a great opportunity to experiment with something new, to grow and to learn a new way to kill off foes enemies in style – always looking towards getting that SSS rank.

The game itself isn’t that lengthy, and stages are short enough (almost not letting the player get the most out of the characters). I will probably end up doing another play-through next week. DMC5 is full of ample collectibles within the package, so even once the credits have rolled you’ll still have stuff to do. Within the actual game there will also be a handful of secret missions for you to complete. These will be very rewarding, and might even test your ability within the game.

Nevertheless, while the game is short, it pushes you to play the game again. Although I did feel that the game was a little too brief. I kind of understand what Capcom is trying to do, mostly keeping it open to new expansions and sequels rather than trying to tie up loose ends and have a good conclusion to the game itself.


Capcom still deserves to be ranked a full SSS for its investment within this episode of the DMC series. It gives everything a fan would love and more, and with a newbie to the series also finding enjoyment within the game. The game is far from perfect, with some awkward camera movements and sound being off at times. Capcom knows what to do with the DMC series, rather than just melding in with other hack ‘n’ slash games that have come out in recent times it’s a series which is very unique in its game mechanics and storytelling abilities.

Consider myself thoroughly pleased with this game, and let it be a contender for Game of the Year 2019. Where’s the next RE re-make?

Oh, and here’s the trailer:


  • The city is gorgeous, overall graphics are terrific!
  • Controls are smooth and slick for the most part.
  • Combat is so gratifying.
  • Super skill ceiling, excellent for fans and newbies.
  • Devil Breakers are sick, also like Dante’s motorcycle weapon.


  • It was a short game. Ending is a bit rushed.
  • Could have been more missions for each character depending on their traits.


Devil May Cry 5

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Devil May Cry 5

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Devil May Cry 5
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