Far Cry New Dawn Review: Pink is my Favorite Color

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A New Dawn arises in the Far Cry World, with lots and lots of color to boot! But is it enough to make it work? 

Far Cry New Dawn, the sequel to Far Cry 5, is set 17 years after a nuclear doomsday, in a world reclaimed by nature and covered in a lush “superbloom” of colorful plant life. Fight for survival in a lawless frontier where Highwaymen prey on struggling survivors, and experience it all in highly replayable solo or co-op gameplay.

If you’re reading this, it means you must be interested in the new Far Cry game. Just letting you all know, this is basically a follow-up to what happens at the end of Far Cry 5. For all those who haven’t played Far Cry 5, and have heard of this game well; spoiler alert… The United States has been nuked.

A few seventeen years later, and the area and the residents around Hope County have been through hell but some have recovered from the devastation and have adapted. It seems like nukes leave a very pink effect to nature, where you would think after a nuke blast nothing would survive, it would seem like the flora took advantage of this attack – that and a heck load of duct tape. The world has been reborn, and since everything is more “primitive” so are the people that reign in this forsaken land. They are ruthless and tyrannical for the most part. The game gives you, yes you, the responsibility to stop this, on your “own”.

Sounds a little similar to some other Far Cry games, but alas, it is. Far Cry New Dawn, despite set in a new-ish environment and with a few twists here and there is an exact continuation of where you left off in Far Cry 5. Basically, a very large and fun “DLC” of the Far Cry game that came out last year. The price of the game also reflects this (a bit on the low side). It’s not a bad thing, New Dawn features a cool open-world with lots to explore and progress, same as seen in its predecessor. While the world is concise and the content to discover within the game is less than Far Cry 5 it’s still a pretty cool environment to play in.

The Game –

While Far Cry New Dawn has a lot of cool new ideas, it doesn’t really distance itself very much as a standalone game, but as I said previously – more of a spin off sequel, kind of like a well-priced DLC. The game is basically Far Cry 5 in a post-apocalyptic setting, where Hope County has been nuked, and as it’s been nuked it’s also been covered in vibrant overgrowth and crazy primal goons. If you’ve played Far Cry games before, it’s pretty much what you would expect with regard to game mechanics and what you can and cannot do.

Nevertheless, I tip my hat to Ubisoft, as it has totally nailed the sweet spot of open-world shoot and loot games, and New Dawn is no different. Next to the other post-apocalyptic games you’ll likely play this year, there is still something unique about this game. It totally could be the “in-your-face” colors used in the environment to be frank (kind of like a follow up of that valley you encounter when watching Extinction on Netflix – cool movie, totally should check it out when you got the chance). I digress, let’s delve deeper on what makes this game unique.

Shooting is good, it’s better than good actually. With every shot you’ll likely feel the recoil vibrating across your body, with each weapon having its own separate feel and recoil. As seen in other games, you’ll be given the option to either take on a situation as a stealthy fox or a not-so-discrete rhino charging in. Both are awesome in their own way, especially if you want to be a stealthy assassin having New Dawn’s saw blade launcher in your hands can be pretty cool – a great new way to kill multiple enemies at once. The saw blade launcher bounces projectiles off of any surface that isn’t the floor to take enemies out “silently”.

Other than the wicked saw blade launcher, the guns within the game are the usual FPS arsenal we’re used to. Most of the time you’ll likely end up being stealthy as you take down your enemies, but hey, it’s up to you. Something which also makes this game unique is its enemies, most of which are BMX bandits called the Highwaymen that want to paint everything neon pink or blood red and pump out some rap music. Pretty much the snotty kids you find at the park after school, but instead of water pistols these riders prefer using something a little bit more ballistic. It’s like they created this game to connect more to the millennial target audiences, either that or they want the protagonist to kill the millennials and their rap music and neon lights. It mostly up for interpretation. One thing we know, is that gaming within New Dawn can be considered pretty cool.

The World –

Some might call the world of Far Cry New Dawn to be a post-apocalyptic paradise. When you take into consideration how the flora and fauna within Hope County actually became stronger when everything got wiped it’s pretty surprising. The world is more full of color than ever seen before. As I said in this beginning of this review, the colors are a big aspect of what makes this game unique. Think about it. When playing any other post-apocalyptic game, most of the colors used relate to the dreary and depressing – shades of grey, black, brown and dark green. New Dawn prefers a scenario where if the apocalypse really did have to happen, neon and bright color would be present and pronounced above all others. Some might say the world is prettier than in Far Cry 5.

Thanks to the “super bloom”, after many years of nuclear winter, forests have become lush and vibrant, and most of all – bursting with life. Throughout your journey you’ll find times where life is gorgeous; animals, plants, the whole lot. Alas, the mutated beasts in the game are pretty deadly.

Something you’ll probably figure out throughout the game is that all the buildings in Hope County disappear. If you’ve played the previous game you’d probably be able to make out a few landmarks here and there, but Ubisoft did a pretty good job at mixing the environment up. You’ll likely recognize most of the places via a photograph side quest. Otherwise, most buildings you run into will have gotten a coat of neon point and disjointed hovels. While the world in Far Cry New Dawn is a derivative of its predecessor, at points throughout the game it was like I was experiencing a new environment.


Far Cry New Dawn is worthy, it isn’t anything special but it is a good game. If you’ve played other Far Cry games you probably wouldn’t be that impressed with this game’s “innovations”, especially if you’ve recently been put off by the series. Nevertheless, as a person who isn’t the biggest fan of the series I thoroughly enjoyed the short, yet competent story of the game.

Although there are some pretty cool action sequences, there are some bits of dark humor which can sometimes be cringe-worthy. I mean, I haven’t stopped saying it, the game is not deep, and is basically a spin-off, but until the new full Far Cry game comes out, this will have to do. Nothing to write home about, but entertaining enough to give it a whirl if you’ve got the chance. Nothing like Metro Exodus though, that game shoots this post-apocalyptic game out of the park. Also can’t wait for that Rage game.

Oh, and here’s the trailer:

Favorite Weapon

Easily has to be the Saw Launcher weapon type. I know it’s a bit of an acquired taste, but I personally love it because the blades it fires can bounce around and hit multiple enemies.


  • Visuals are absolutely gorgeous.
  • Shooting and gun-play is tight.
  • Concludes the Far Cry 5 story.. FINALLY!


  • It was a short game.
  • Those darn weapon micro-transactions.
  • Didn’t like character development much, and the antagonists weren’t the best.


Far Cry New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn
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