What Game should I buy my Boyfriend or Girlfriend for Valentine’s?

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Time to Level Up your Relationship with the Top 12 Games to buy your Valentine

Cupid’s day is right around the corner. While there are those who are going on a vacation somewhere on a beach, sipping on some Mojitos or going out for a fancy dinner at some fine dining establishment this week, there are also those who prefer something a little more relaxing, in their opinion of course. For some of us, it’s really an excuse to lay down on our sofa and enjoy a little bit of couple gaming, or for those who do not have someone in their life just playing on their PC all night is more than satisfactory for the most romantic day of the year.

While not really the norm, for all those boyfriends, girlfriends and spouses who are still thinking on what they should get their gamer partner for Valentine’s Day we’ve got that covered. We’ve listed our 12 perfect games to get your loved one on the most romantic time of the year, be it s/he has an Xbox One, a PS4, a PC or a Nintendo Switch. Our list will consist of a multitude of game types, these titles will include:

  • Games to play as a couple (team or challenge).
  • Games to play alone, in case you’re going abroad or going through a busy time and want your partner to have something to do during that time.
  • Platformers, shooters and even tricky puzzles are all accounted for…

I’d like to wish all the gaming couples out there a jolly good time this week (please use protection, when playing Fallout 76 due to the huge amount of violent outbursts when crashing). And for those who still haven’t found someone, or are just not interested in finding anyone and prefer spending a night curled up in a ball eating a whole tub of ice-cream and playing with your team mates in a MMORPG, you too should have a great time being you!

Co-op Games

These are games that you can play together as a team, focusing to achieve the same goal and utilizing each others’ strengths.

Supersmash Bros. Ultimate

Release Date: December 7, 2018

Console: Nintendo Switch

I love Mario, and if your boyfriend/girlfriend is like me and frequents game stores during Christmas s/he probably noticed that this game was pretty much sold out a couple of weeks ago. Albeit, with good reason. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate perfects the long-beloved Super Smash Bros. formula – combining the fun element of button mashing controller destruction as a little kid and also the single-minded, composed and competitive gamer.

Basically the game focuses on the old fighter we went crazy over in 1999, although this time there’s a total of 76 different fighters you can fight with, most of these being celebrities from other Nintendo games. With a couple of mates telling me that mastering one of these fighters could last you up to a year – I was already trying to figure out the schedule needed to get this done. Sadly impossible on my end. Best to try them all out and then choose your favorites. A game like this is fully customizable to your liking; fighters, game hazards, rule-sets. A game like this will also surely be needed next time you bring your mates over to battle it out, or even when your 5-year old nephew decides to come over for cake or even if you guys have a kid. Don’t let the kid win just cause you’re cute, it’s lame.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Release Date: March 23, 2017

Console: PC, XBO, PS4

If you haven’t heard of the word: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or as many gamers call it: PUBG and your boyfriend/girlfriend is a gamer than I would be questioning a lot of things at the moment if I was you. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a 2017 online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by the PUBG Corporation.

Many people thinking PUBG is an “every man for himself” type-game is right, but also kind of wrong – the game includes a mode made for two. Instead of going solo or as part of a squad, you may try some “duos” matches with your partner. In this game mode, you and your valentine can team up against 50 other two-person teams, scavenging and shooting to become the last pair standing on a constantly shrinking map. Playing as a two-man team can be pretty strategic, the boyfriend can be the “bait” to other players as a player who’s just in the middle of the field searching for supplies to lure the enemies in while the girlfriend is waiting for an enemy to come into her cross-hairs.

Overcooked 1 & 2

Overcooked 1 Release Date: July 27, 2017

Console: PS4, XBO, Nintendo Switch, PC

Overcooked 2 Release Date: October 27, 2018

Console: PS4, XBO, Nintendo Switch, PC

I bet you love those cooking games you play on your phone. What about a heavily bumped up version of that? Instead of going to a fancy-a$$ place to make you a romantic meal for Valetine’s day why not team up as a duo of master chefs out to save the universe from the evil and hangry (hungry and angry) spaghetti and meatball monster. Instead of playing as a duo – you can even play solo or even up to 4 players. You heard me John and Kate, you can finally Double Date the couple you’ve been calling every other week for some cooking fun.

Overcooked and its sequel tasks you, and up to three others with working together to madly run around a kitchen and prepare meals together. It starts out pretty easy, but can become challenging pretty fast. This is where the power of teamwork, and dedication to the game and to each other comes into play. This game will either make the relationship stronger or let it get burnt.

Competitive Games:

Competitive games would be best to play with those couples that just want to find some way to blow off steam and beat each other (rather than physically – in a virtual world where nothing genuinely bad can happen to you apart from lose your dignity, but that’s fine).

Apex Legends

Release Date: February 4, 2019

Console: PS4, XBO, PC

It’s only been a week since Apex Legends was released, and in that week has swiftly become a worldwide phenomenon. Already being labelled: The Fortnite Killer with over 30 million new players, Apex Legends is superbly fun. If you want to throw a ‘battle royale’ style shooter to your boyfriend/girlfriend to keep them busy or compete against each other, then this new game would be a good start. You and your partner can join an online queue together, and then you’ll be matched with another online player to fill out your squad of three. I’m sure the boyfriend has always asked the girlfriend for a three-way at one point in each relationship, pretty certain that this would not be the way he’d have wanted it to be… but beggars can’t be choosers mate.

Once you’re in, you’re in and you’ll definitely be watching each other’s backs as you flank and outfox the other 19 three-ways and try become the last squad standing. Unlike Fortnite, this game is solely a first-person shooter so it might be a little different to what gamers are used to, but it is one helluva ride! Totally recommend this, and did I mention it’s free?

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Release Date: April 28, 2017

Console: Nintendo Switch

The blessed Mario Kart series. At least once in a gamer’s life they’ve played this game – either at home by their lonesome, at a party with friends or at an arcade against a weird snotty kid who always managed to ruin their life with that darn blue shell. Of course this game isn’t that different, well except for a top of the range fine-tuning and a polished UI. Due to these upgrades, I feel as if this Mario Kart is easily one of the most fun and exciting games you and your valentine can play on Switch or any other console for that manner.

Another good thing is that if you opt for the Deluxe version on Switch it also includes; all the DLC maps, a bunch of characters you’d find from the Wii U game and a complete overhaul of the legendary battle mode. Mario Kart 8 is top of the range my friends. If you and your partner like going fast and laughing at an angry Luigi this is totally the game for you.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Release Date: January 26, 2018

Console: PS4, XBO, PC, Nintendo Switch

I’m sure all the boys and gals have heard of Dragon Ball! Dragon Ball FighterZ was voted ESPN’s game of the year. FighterZ is complex, yet simple. It is to be enjoyed by fighting game competitors all across the world and there’s no question that any fan of the series will go absolutely nuts on this game. Where past games attempted to get through the huge character roster and keep everything leveled to focus on the larger fan base, FighterZ gets the essence of what its predecessors wanted in each of their games and created a fighting game that gives the player the power of a Super Saiyan. It’s good if one partner really loves Goku, and the other loves Vegeta and you guys want to go toe-to-toe against each other in a gorgeous 2D battle.

Games s/he’d last ages playing:

If your valentine doesn’t really like social play or just plain old fighting games and prefers something with a little more story, a bit of a solo game that really puts the player in another person’s/creature’s shoes than these games below are the best bet. I’d also like to add that the games below are also pretty good if you want to go out, have some fun and feel a little free for a few weeks or so due to some of these game’s lengths for the buyer’s respective Valentine.

Resident Evil 2 Remastered

Release Date: January 25, 2019

Console: PS4, XBO, PC

If you haven’t heard of the game, which would be a travesty, then you’ve heard about the movie. Resident Evil 2 is a survival horror game developed and published by Capcom which as of recently came out remastered/remade/whatever. While not the longest of games, this survival horror game is a masterpiece. All in all, once this game came out everyone went nuts, and for a good reason. Everything in the game is now more deadly and faster than the original. Capcom genuinely showed off how to make a remake the right way. If your valentine loves horror/survival games, then there’s no way they don’t love Resident Evil. Plus you get to see them squirm, which is always a plus. Check out the full review here.

Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild

Release Date: February 3, 2017

Console: Nintendo Switch, Wii U

I had only played one other Zelda game apart from this one, and might I say this was monumentally better than its predecessor. A game which has no limits, super creative, full of surprises and an action-adventure game that will excel in the test of the time. Many believe this game to be the best ever made, and actually managed to outsell the Nintendo Switch itself on launch. It’s a pure open-world, it incorporates complete freedom and an incredible achievement in the gaming world. No Nintendo Switch gamer is complete until he plays this game. And the great part is it’s a pretty long game, so I would genuinely buy it for him/her to keep him/her busy.

If your Valentine just has a Nintendo Switch and you really want to get him a bunch of good games on the hand-held console then check our favorite games of Switch. 

Kingdom Hearts 3

Release Date: January 25

Consoles: PS4, XBO

If your partner loves Disney/Pixar then they will love Kingdom Hearts 3. You play alongside trusty Donald, Goofy and King Mickey and travel to multiple Disney worlds like the Toybox (Toy Story), Arandelle (Frozen) and San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6) to help Disney characters out and defeat the evil heartless creatures that plague these enchanted lands. I personally loved my return to the Kingdom Hearts Universe after a 13 years wait, and it was undoubtedly very fun and exciting for me. I enjoyed seeing a bunch of new Disney and Pixar characters that were integrated into the story. Even though this game is a solo game, I’m sure playing KH3 can be a couple’s activity due to the amount of nostalgia and joy Disney can bring. Please also note, that this might sound like a kid’s game (which it can be at points) but can get pretty deep and complex with regard to storytelling. Find the full review here. 

Added Bonus: Red Dead Redemption 2

Release Date: October 26, 2018

Consoles: PS4, XBO

As gamers, I’m pretty sure you have all heard about this game and how it took the world by storm in the last quarter of 2018. Who else to take the #1 spot of the best game of 2018 but Red Dead Redemption 2. For those who don’t know, RDR2 is an open world action-adventure game developed by none other than Rockstar Games, the game was produced as a prequel to Red Dead Redemption 1 in 2010. While this game is unlike many other games in the wider genre, which explores fast-paced action and immediate control and gratification like AC: Odyssey, which in my opinion is still one of the best games in 2018, RDR2 will surely be one of the most memorable.

Red Dead Redemption 2, in my opinion, will act as a benchmark for most games in the future. In a weird way, the game can be described as a western world simulator. A game which sometimes can be slow, and boring when traversing between missions, but if you’re up for exploring off the beaten track and finding new animals, landmarks or trying to find a good spot for an in-game selfie then you’ll absolutely fall in love with this well-deserved hyped up game. If you want your girlfriend/boyfriend to spend the better half of a month playing a game non-stop, then this is the game for him/her. Find the full review here.

If you’re still unsure and want to see what newer games are coming out this year, check out Monsoon Gaming’s best upcoming games of 2019. 

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