How to get the Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts 3

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Kingdom Hearts 3: Ultima Weapon Synthesis Guide

As seen in previous Kingdom Hearts games there’s always been the inclusion of the Ultimate Keyblade (Ultima Weapon). Not always the best in all the games, for example as seen in Birth By Sleep. Getting the Royal Radiance in my opinion was a better Keyblade overall. In Kingdom Hearts 3, the Ultima Weapon has the best overall stats, not including the Classic Tone which you get if you collect all the Classic Kingdom games across all the worlds. Even though the Classic Tone would be preferable if you’re a magic wielder.

Like its predecessors, acquiring the Ultima Weapon in KH3 requires you to obtain a multitude of rare materials; rarest of all is Orichalcum+. It takes 7 of this material to make the Keyblade, and miraculously there is only 7 of these materials in the game, and each of them have their own little challenge to acquire.  Nevertheless, here at Monsoon Gaming we got your back brothers and sisters. Word of caution – you can only get this Keyblade just before the end-game.

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Ultima Weapon Recipe

So, to get the most sought after Keyblade in the game you’ll need to make it available for Synthesis first. For the Ultima Keyblade to be available for Synthesis you’ll first need to obtain 58 different Synthesis Materials. You can get these when defeating end-world bosses, treasure chests and enemy drops.

When you’ve obtained the 58 different Synthesis Materials you’ll receive the recipe, and first thing you’ll probably notice is you’re a little short on resources. Most probably you’ll be short on Orichalcum+ specifically. The recipe is as follows:

  • Orichalcum+ x 7
  • Wellspring Crystal x 2
  • Lucid Crystal x 2
  • Pulsing Crystal x 2

Before we get into the Orichalcum+ locations and how to get ‘em in your overly large pants pocket, you need to make sure you got all the other ingredients to synthesize this weapon.

Lucid Crystals and Pulsing Crystals

Lucid Crystals and Pulsing Crystals can be crafted via the Synthesis menu from the Moogles. These materials are unlocked once you’ve collected 30 and 32 Synthesis Materials respectively.

Wellspring Crystals

Wellspring Crystals are a little tougher to acquire. While playing the game and gathering ingredients in the meanwhile I had already accumulated a couple of them so I didn’t really bother in finding more. A way which I read is great to gather this ingredient is to get them as enemies drops specifically from heartless you’ve defeated in San Fransokyo. Even more specifically, heartless you destroy from Battlegate 12. If you haven’t unlocked Battlegates yet it means you’re not ready for the Ultima Weapon and sadly you got to progress through the story a little more. Another tip is to make sure you equip the Favorite Deputy Keyblade, as this Keyblade’s passive effect increases the chance of how often enemies will drop items.

Orichalcum+ Locations and Challenges:

As I said previously, Orichalcum+ is rare, damn rare. There are seven of these items in the entire game, the exact amount you need to craft the Ultima Weapon. Here are some tips and locations on where to find them:

#1: Moogle Raffle Ticket

Yes my dear gamers, you can get one of these materials from the Moogles themselves. Getting this specific Orichalcum+ is totally up to chance. Once you get your hands on a Moogle Raffle Ticket, typically rewarded to you once you purchase an item from the store, you go to the mailbox in Twilight Town and mail it to get a prize. Now, you might not get this Orichalcum+ on your first try. What I did was buy 5 potions and 5 tents, got around 8 postcards (raffle tickets) in total, went to save and started the process of mailing these post-cards and trying my luck. If you don’t get it on your first try, reload from that save point and try again. Once you do get it though, there is only one available to win from the Moogle Raffle Ticket. You heard me you lazy gamers, don’t think that this is some sort of cheat. Funnily enough, I was one of those lazy gamers, and spent like 5000 munny buying stuff, receiving raffle tickets and trying to get extra Orichalcum+. I didn’t feel like loading the game all the time. Don’t judge me.

#2: Treasure Chest in the Caribbean

The Caribbean world was one of my favorite worlds in the game. So many islands and secrets across the several islands you can explore. An Orichalcum+ can be found in a treasure chest on Exile Island, southwest from the center of the map. It will be hidden in a small grove – probably the easiest one to get from them all.

#3: Collectible treasures in the Arendelle Sled Mini-Game

This is an icy sled mini-game. After you’ve finished the story section of Arandelle you’ll find Elsa next to the save-point by her frozen castle. Go to her and accept this challenge she refers to and you’ll swiftly find yourself racing against time on this fun sledding mini-game. As you go through the track you’ll likely spot a couple of numerically marked treasures. For you to receive the Orichalcum+ you’re going to have to collect 10 of these treasures. They’re located all over the track so it will be take you a couple of runs to find them all. Excuse me, let me phrase that, it will probably take you around 35-40 tries to find them all. There are so many paths within this track that you easily get confused of where you’re going/where you’ve already been. For some guidance I strongly suggest checking out the video above.

IMPORTANT: You don’t have to get all of them at once, they accumulate every round.

#4: Treasure Chest in the Keyblade Graveyard

This is basically why you can’t get the Ultima Weapon early on. This treasure chest featuring the Orichalcum+ is located at the End of the World section of the Keyblade Graveyard. This can only be accessed right before finishing the game. Simply approach the red transport orb in the open field north of the first KeyBlade Graveyard save-point. Interact with the orb and it will take you to the first part of the End of the World section where you first speak to Chirithy. Instead of a cute soft toy spirit-type creature you find the chest containing the Orichalcum+.

#5: Capture All the Lucky Emblems

You heard me. You’ve got to collect ‘em all mate. You discover at the very start when you arrive in Twilight Town that there’s a special collectable called; Lucky Emblems. These are basically Mickey Mouse symbols Square Enix has distributed across the different worlds in the game. To collect these Lucky Emblems you’ll have to capture a photo of them through your Gummi phone. On standard difficulty, photographing a majority of them will unlock the game’s secret ending. Specifically 60 of them. If you’re in Beginner Difficulty you’ll have to take a photo of all 90, and if you’re on Proud mode you’ll only need to capture 30 of them to watch the secret ending. I strongly recommend grinding your way through the game and finding them all by yourself. But, you can also just check out the video above for a faster approach.

#6: Defeat the big bad Omega Machina Boss in the Eclipse Galaxy

Once the Eclipse Galaxy opens up, this happens when you’ve completed the story missions of all the Disney Worlds, you’ll end up visiting the Keyblade Graveyard by means of your Gummi ship. Before reaching this world you will be introduced to a heavy hitting boss named: The Colossus Pyramid. You’ll hopefully make mince-meat out of this bucket of bolts and get to the Graveyard. Nevertheless what you’ll have to do though is once you’ve defeated the Colossus Pyramid the game will automatically unlock an additional 4 bosses in the Eclipse Galaxy you’ll have to face and defeat. Once you’ve destroyed them, the final boss appears on top of the massive metal ship. The final boss is nicknamed Omega Machina.

Defeating the additional 4 bosses, and the last boss is no walk in the park. If you were playing like me and didn’t give a crap about your Gummi Ship this is where you’ll need to change your ways. Upgrade your health and attack significantly. Once you’ve defeating the Omega Machina Boss you are rewarded with lots of EXP and an Orichalcum+.

#7: Flantastic Mini-Game High Scores

Flans. You heard me, flans – weird, big Heartless flans. You’ve probably noticed on your adventures that once you’ve cleared an area within a world you find these odd-looking desserts protruding from the ground. Collectively, these strange Heartless are the Flantastic Seven. These Heartless allow Sora to play their mini-games across each of the Disney Worlds. If you’re dedicated and reach the high-score for each mini-game you’re rewarded with an Orichalcum+. In total, achieving the high-score for each of the flans surely took me around 3 hours to get, so yeah be ready to spend some time doing this. Nevertheless, they’re fun – slightly daunting at times, but fun. Here’s a bit of info about each flan; where they are, their respective high scores and the rewards.

It is imperative that you receive 3 fruits as a reward from each of the flans once you’ve completed their mini-game to be in the running to get the Orichalcum+. 

Cherry Flan Location

World: Olympus

High Score: 20,000

Rewards: Sour Cherry x3 + Form-change Extender

You’ll find this flan at the Thebes: Overlook save-point, run up the stairs right behind you and you’ll find it in front of you. This mini-game was pretty easy, my way of getting this done swiftly was to always lay the Trinity sled on the arrows across the floor.

Orange Flan Location

World: Kingdom of Corona

High Score: 23,000

Rewards: Treasure Magnet and Orange x 3

You’ll find this flan once you get to the Tower save-point, go through the tunnel to get out of the Tower area and you’ll find it among the grass. In this mini-game you’ll have to capture 7 picture-perfect photos of the flans across the area. First and foremost, you should skip everyone and go straight to the tree in front of you where you’ll find 2 flans on a tree. Once they jump they’ll merge and become one nice tasty ‘actual’ flan. You’ll have to capture this fast and get it as an ‘Excellent’ photograph as once they merge you’ll only have around 5 seconds to capture the photo. This was a pretty fun mini-game.

Strawberry Flan Location

World: Toy Box

High Score: 17,000

Rewards: Attraction Extender and Strawberry x 3

This flan is by the vending machines next to the Galaxy Toys: Rest Area save-point. This mini-game can get pretty frustrating, but if you manage to understand how the heartless on bowling balls move you’ll be fine. Be sure to stay in the center if you’re stacking heartless, since when you’re on the sides you’ll have a roof on your head and stacking the heartless on top of you will be useless.

Banana Flan Location

World: Monstropolis

High Score: 20,000

Rewards: Grand Magic Extender and Banana x 3

With this flan you’ll need to start off at The Factory: Basement save-point. If you look to your right you’ll see a white door to get you to The Door Vault area. After following the corridor, you will reach a wall of doors. You’ll want to interact with the brown door on the bottom row, second in from the left. Once you’ve gone through the brown door, you’ll have to turn around and you’ll see the Banana flan in front of you. A tip for this mini-game, utilise the Ever After or Classic Tone Keyblade, keep a bunch of ethers on Sora and keep Thundaga-ing the smaller flans fast! Keep your distance from the Big flan as it will gobble you up mate.

Grape Flan Location

World: Arendelle

High Score: 20,000

Rewards: Unison Blizzard and Grape x 3

You’ll find this flan by The North Mountain: Mountain Ridge save-point. Leap off the mountain between where you start and the Moogle shop and you’ll find the flan right underneath you. Nothing really hard about this mini-game, blow these guys to Kingdom Hearts as fast as possible. Use Thundaga a lot, form changing with the Ever After Keyblade worked well for me.

Watermelon Flan Location

World: The Caribbean

High Score: 29,000

Rewards: Focus Syphon and Watermelon x 3

You will find this flan nearest to the Port Royal: Fort save-point. Pretty straight forward – it is in the center of the courtyard in the middle of the fort. This is the ‘Attack of the Flans’ – the coolest flan mini-game. You’ve got to protect the fort by shooting down the flans using the cannons given to you.

Honeydew Flan Location

World: San Fransokyo

High Score: 15,000

Rewards: Attraction Extender and Melon x 3

You’ll find this flan once you reach The City South District: Night save-point. Get on top of the building behind you, look to your left and you’ll have to reach a building with a circular roof. On top you’ll find the flan. This mini-game is the one I found to be the hardest, as you will be bouncing from flan to flan on rooftops. What’s difficult is that after the 9000 mark you will start triggering free-dive which will making aiming Sora to bounce on the corresponding flan a nightmare.

And there you have it. All the materials needed to get the Ultima Weapon – easily the best Keyblade in the game with a form change that is both astounding and absolutely nuts! You are a complete Keyblade Master! 

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