Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee Review – Kanto is back!

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“You gotta catch ‘em all!”

When it comes to Pokemon, no matter the age I’m at, I’m most likely going to play the new Pokemon game. And the fact that this one takes it back to its roots with the first gen Pokemon I got even more excited. Starting the game off I was pretty much thrown back into the 90s playing Pokemon Yellow on my purple transparent Gameboy colour which came out on my birthday (the stars were aligned).

Anyway Pokemon: Let’s Go is pretty much the same as the first Pokemon games. Difference being – some characters, the way random Pokemon encounters work and some other small things here and there.


The World –  

The world of Pokemon: Let’s Go is great, especially getting to see Kanto remade in 3D. The random Pokemon encounters now don’t trigger a fight but instead gives you a chance to catch them, very similar to Pokemon Go which yes I also played the crap out of… Pokemon battles are against Ordinary trainers, Gym trainers and Leaders but also against strong Pokemon; such as legendaries or that lazy Snorlax trigger a battle. You must defeat them first in order to get the option to catch them after. So don’t worry if you somehow one shot Zapdos. Emphasis on ‘somehow’.

One of my favorite features in the Let’s Go series is being able to have your main Pokemon Pikachu or Eevee chilling on you out of their Pokeball and having one other Pokemon of your choice with them. At first, I had Bulbasaur running behind me everywhere I went but then I noticed something that just blew me away. I got my Arcanine out and holy smokes – You’re on top of him mounted ready to destroy every Pokemon trainer in sight. This instantly blew me away, just because I felt closer to my Pokemon – more of a team. There is also some customization for you and your Pikachu/Eevee like nifty little bowties and hats.

No more HMs! I’m happy to say you don’t have to decide what move you’re going to sacrifice for moves such as fly or surf, because now your partner has you covered. My Pikachu can do anything! There are abilities which your partner now learns passively and doesn’t need to take 1 of your 4 moves for combat.


The Characters –  

You’re going to see a lot of familiar faces, including a new rival/friend in Let’s Go. Now I genuinely tried my hardest not to call him something stupid like the previous games, so I gave him a simple name because it was time to grow up a little, don’t you think? You got all your classic Gym Leaders with a new style of clothing. You got Team Rocket blasting off as usual. Then there’s the Elite four at the end just waiting to give you a hard time.

Overall, they are pretty much the same, but seeing them again with their updated looks is just as fun as the first time seeing them as a pile of pixels.


The whole point of the Let’s Go series in my opinion is to catch every single Pokemon in the First Gen Pokeverse, as experienced in other games, but it feels slightly easier because of its online feature. Trading is always important in Pokemon – as a core feature to evolving certain Pokemon like Kadabra to Alakazam. Another feature worth mentioning is the Pokemon Go park in Fuchsia City. This allows the player to transfer his Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Let’s Go. It works by linking your phone to the Switch and then going to the park transferring them, and catching them where they’ll just be waiting inside the park casually.



  • Riding Arcanine like a boss
  • Reliving Kanto
  • Insane Pokemon battles
  • More relaxed way of catching Pokemon
  • Mewtwo


  • Feels slower levelling your Pokemon by fighting other trainers
  • Weird FPS drops in certain areas.

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